Saturday, March 31, 2007

Test's Over!!

This semester is really short!!! Test is just over last week and we have only about 3 more weeks to go before the final exams!! Aarrghhhh....i'm still blur with Company Law....the SHARES!!!
Luckily there's only 2 subjects for this semester...and i suppose the test last week was still alright.
Next week is the due date for 2 assignments and there'll be a quiz on Tuesday....assignment is almost done but I'm still trying to memorize the sections and cases for the quiz(even though there's only 10 questions)...what a waste of energy~~!!
I've got a couple of things to settle these 2 weeks....gotta apply for a scholarship and also apply for UNSW....oopsss....I've still got an essay to write and i still have no idea of what to write!!!!

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