Tuesday, July 29, 2008

9 More Days to Alabama...

Wow~!! Can't believe that I'm flying off to Alabama in 9 days' time!!! Counting down from 2 months...till now...about 1 more week left only!! Juz realised how 'much' time I'm left with to pack my luggage when I saw the count down for 2008 Olympic...gosh!! Headache with what to bring...what not to bring...aargh!! This time...I'll be travelling ALONE...sounds scary but luckily I've got some experience during my last trip to Hawaii...I'm sure everything's gonna be GREAT!! Anyway, I'm really excited and looking forward to experience a completely new life & new environment!! Oh Sweet Home Alabama...I'm comin'!! :)

Meet-ups with friends before leavin'!!
1. Lunch with fella AFA Course Committees @ college cafeteria
2. FAS committees 'retirement' dinner @ Chilis
3. Farewell with high school buddies Phaik San & Geng Qian
4. Sunway Lagoon trip with Yuki, Hooi Yee, Christine & Howard
5. Community Sociology gathering in Penang

Some pictures of University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH)...not bad huh!

Business Administration Building...will probably attend most of my classes here!

One thing COOL about UAH is...it is situated beside NASA Space & Rocket Center!!

The city of Huntsville, Alabama

Monday, July 21, 2008

ACCA-TARC Student Conference 2008

Casa Rachado Resort Port Dickson, 12-13 July 2008

Hey there FAS committees...SMILE!! Thank ya all for a great year!! :)

I'm back in Penang!! I've been staying back in KL till so late mainly because of my last task as the Chairperson in Financial Accounting Society - the ACCA-TARC Student Conference. We've been planning for this event for more than a month and it hadn't been easy pulling everything together!!

This was the first time that we moved this event out from college and the hardest part was to get the approval from college...coz you know...nobody wants changes...people want 'status quo'...especially the 'bosses'. Ms Geh was the one who fought for us and helped us make this event a success!!

Somehow, we managed to get the approval and the next thing was to get started with our work. I've delegated work to each of the committees and unfortunately...ended up doing most of it myself with Ms Geh!! Reason being...the conference falls between their progress tests...which we didn't know when we booked the resort...damn!!

Since I'm considered the 'free-iest' person in the committee (coz I've deferred my course to go to US)...and I understand that many of them are 'top students'...I had to do almost EVERYTHING!! I had to type out the entire name list & particulars of all participants; arrange their groups, rooms & buses; design the entire booklet; design & type all the name tags; come out with ice-breaking & team-building games; be someone's secretary to email the banner guy....etc!! I don't mind helping out to do all these...but I'm pissed with the fact that some of them didn't even asked how was things going on!! Come on...it wouldn't kill them to juz 'pretend' to ask right???

Our advisor, Ms Geh also ended up helping us to print the booklets and name tags...what the heck!! We should be the one doing all these and they didn't even offered to help!! Gosh...show some commitment as a committee please!!

But in a nutshell, the event was indeed a success and I'm glad to see the participants enjoying themselves and had a great time throughout the event!!! I appreciate the effort of all the committees who have helped a lot in all the activities (apart from one who 'fei gei' the whole team)despite having tests the next 2 days. It wouldn't be a success without anyone of them though!!! Juz wanted to let out my emotions here since we don't have any post-mortem...hehe! :)

This was how the banner looked like in SBS. Costs RM1200...used for less than 1 week...OMG!

4 buses departing from KL to Port Dickson...2 more from Kampar & Penang.

Finally arrived at Casa Rachado Resort!!

20 groups gathered in the field...getting to know each other for the first time.

Jun Loong, Joyce & Me in action...holding that hailer...cool huh!!

Comin' out with team cheers!!

Ice-breaking...everyone chasing the balloons!! Hilarious!! :)

Some of the group photos!!

Lunch time...cheers!!

We need a break too!

Briefing on ACCA Internally Assessed & my welcoming speech.

Team-building games: All Aboard!

Toxic Waste

Committees and Mr Ang fooling around with Yoga pose...

Helium Stick...made everyone frustrated...hahaha!!

Great Egg Throw!! Protect ur EGGS...haha!!

Game by Mr Ang...to get the guys 'stripped'...hehe!! :)

Yay...group photo of all 240 participants!!

Take 2!!

Debriefing session & me giving instructions...nice shot!

The 5 winning teams and 'Best Team Spirit' for FAS Committees & Facilitators!!

Thank you Ms Geh for EVERYTHING!!! Sorry for all the trouble oo!!

Committees going crazy...best actor award goes to...Quah Jun Loong!!!

Thank ya all for the sweet memories!!! It has been a great journey!!

Jungle Trekking

I was the only committee around for jungle trekking...luckily seniors Yong Kit & Wai Lim and faci Elizabeth came along!!

The Lighthouse!

Picturesque view!

Thatz me helping one of the participants who wasn't feeling well...

I've finally completed my job as the Chairperson for Financial Accounting Society!! Itz now time to recruit the new batch of committees but I won't be involved in it anymore since I'm now back in Penang. Counting down 17 more days to departing to US!! I haven't started preparing anything yet...oopss!!!

I'll be leaving from KLIA on August 7...transit at Singapore...stopping over at Tokyo...transit at Washington Dulles and finally will arrive Huntsville, Alabama on August 8!!! What a nice date to remember...08.08.08!!! But i'll miss the opening of Olympic 2008...oouch!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

P&G Business Challenge 2008

Impiana Hotel, 7-10 July 2008

Finally...after one week...I'm posting about this amazing 4D3N experience being part of the P&G Business Challenge 2008. This was actually my first time joining this kind of challenge whereby I was given the opportunity to take on case studies, get an in-depth exposure to different functions in P&G, meet people from P&G, go through job interviews, participate in team-building activities, attend social events and lots lots more.....and most importantly, met up with a bunch of great and amazing people and friends throughout these 4 days!! Thanks to Ms Zuraida and Mr Ridzuan for making this event a success!!!

We first had to sit for the online test, then went for the Problem Solving Test and also an interview before being short-listed for this challenge. Bro and I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the 19 participants!!!

Impiana Hotel...nice room!!! Spent 4 days here...haha!!

1st nite dinner @ Delicious...yummy!!

The hotel is just a stone's throw from KLCC...beautiful night view!!

Chatting...or discussing @ hotel lobby??

With my group members discussing about our team-building game.

Sneaked out to yum cha. Everyone pretended nth happened the nex morning...haha!!

Buffet breakfast every morning...oh yeah!!!

This was where we did our case studies...and listened to presentation on Marketing, Finance, Product Supply & CBD.

2nd nite's dinner@BBC...PR guy joined us for dinner

Working on our case study 2 till 4am...Gosh!

Finalle dinner @ Top Hat

Winners for Case Studies 1&2 and most outstanding participant - Lysha!!!

Group photo outside Top Hat

Chill-out @ Sky Bar

Time to snap more photos for memory....


Some ended up a lil' drunk...including me...ended up vomiting...oops!

Last day's breakfast together!!

Yay...group photo in our polo T

Dressing & Un-dressing the models....Violence...

Lunch before our visit to Packing & Distribution Center

Visit to Gillette packing center...Interesting!!

Smile!! :)

Last destination...P&G office @ Subang.

Thumbs up to our group for winning the Most Happening Team...muahaha!!!

Time to say goodbye...miss ya all!!!

It had been a memorable experience for me. Throughout these 4 days...I felt like I was already part of P&G, getting to know about the job scope of different functions...talking to managers and employees of different levels...and understanding more about P&G culture. Everyone had been very friendly and nice...and I'm starting to love the working environment!! Still 2 more years to go before I graduate, will probably come back...if I'm offered a job here...haha!!