Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fall 2018

This Fall has been colder than normal but I got to enjoy my last bit of summer in Tampa traveling back and forth over the last 6 weeks (Oct 6 - Nov 16). With the days getting dark earlier coupled with the colder weather, and never-ending work, I feel like my busy season started 3 months earlier...so depressing. =( Too much crap going on with work now I desperately need a break before I continue dealing with more of them. Gonna go into exile for the next 2 weeks (hopefully), so here's a quick update of my uneventful Fall.

Enjoyed my Platinum perks (free upgrades) before I lose them in January. My lil' trick of not having to put my laptop away during take off and landing...flip it over into a tablet. =P

One of the many reasons why I enjoy flying

Spent a good number of nights hotel hopping...

...and countless meals in front of the laptop (working).

Oct 14 & 21 (Sun): Hotdog fried rice, stir-fried veggies, lo-mien with hotdog and fry egg.

Oct 28 & Nov 4 (Sun): Pasta with meatball, stir-fry pork & veggies, Campbell's wicked Thai soup, pasta with tomyum tomato sauce.

Nov 11 & 18 (Sun): Teriyaki beef and rice, egg sandwich, fried rice with pork and mixed veggies, and China buffet. 

His toys...her toy...

Roll Tide - 1st Bama Game

After being in Alabama for 4 years, I finally made it to my very first Bama football game on Oct 13, 2018 - Alabama vs. Missouri. =P Even though I'm not a big 'American' football fan, it was quite a good experience and I enjoyed it! Passionate fans, great atmosphere, the Million Dollar Band (brought back memories of high school band days), Dixieland Delight sing-a-long (felt like we were at a concert), and of course Alabama won the game. =)

Walked around the campus before the game. We were lucky to find a decent parking spot.

View of the stadium from our seat.

We had pretty good seats...thanks cuz!!

Saw the players warming up...

...and the Million Dollar Band performing before the game.

These 4 uncles sitting in front of us were very serious about the game...matching hats sumore...lol! All in all, it was a good game. =D