Tuesday, July 31, 2007

H@PpY BiRthD@y, DADDY!!!!!

July 31!!! It's dad's birthday...and this year I'm not in penang to celebrate with dad. But I'll be back this thursday...gonna have a meal together. I've edited a video as a present for daddy...but too bad the file's too big...can't send through email lar...Aaargghhh!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Emil Chow's Concert~!!

华健20大马演唱会, Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium, 8.00pm, 14 July 2007

20 years...exactly my age...and itz kinda unbelievable that Emil Chow is already in the entertainment industry for 20 years!! Yeah i know...he's not my era and I shouldn't be the one watching his concert right?? But actually, I do know quite a number of his songs because he has got so many hit songs over the past 20 years... And I'm lucky enough to win 2 free tickets for it!!

I met up with bros and Eileen yesterday and bro also bought 2 tickets for the concert...so 4 of us went together. The biggest mistake that we made was not driving there...instead we took the lrt and found out that it was a completely a wrong choice!! We were almost late coz we reached at 8.10pm and the concert started at 8.15pm...luckily!!

This time...I was quite surprised that our seat were pretty good...we were seated at the 2nd row behind the VVIP area...and we could see him quite clearly...Awesome!! But it was kinda boring in the middle coz I didn't know those songs. But the last part was good coz he sang all those hit songs. The concert lasted for more than 4 hours and it was definitely worth it...it ended at about 12.30am with the song 'Peng You'. His guests for this concert were Nicholas Teo, Victor Wong & Li Zhi Qing.

One thing that I'm quite unhappy was that bro insisted on leaving the concert in the middle to drive the car over...he was the one who wanted to watch this concert and I he really missed quite a lot. 2nd bro was the one who was supposed to go coz it's alrite for him not to watch...and moreover...we got our tickets for free. Eldest bro spend hundred over for a ticket and he missed the part where Emil sang lots of hit songs...too bad!! Guys...please don't be so egoistic...there're times that your decision might not be the best!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Busy Busy Busy~~!!

It's now the 7th week of my 1st semester here...soooo fast!! Have been kinda busy with tutorials, assignments(haven't started yet!) and still need to put more effort to revise coz till now...I'm still a bit lost...OMG!!

We had an AGM for Financial Accounting Society(FAS) on Wed and the main purpose...to elect the new batch of committee members... And guess what..I was voted as the Chairman...!!! Quite surprised and shocked...really thanks to those who've voted for me...I'll definitely do my very best!! That means...my life will be much much more hectic soon!!! Oh gosh...really hope that I can survive and get through it!! By the way, congratulations to the other 9 committees as well!! Hope that we can all work very well together!!

I'll be going to 2nd aunt's house tomorrow to meet up with bros...and we'll be watching Emil Chou's concert at Bkt Jalil tomorrow nite!! Won 2 tickets for that!! Yeah!!

By the way, my name appeared on last Sunday's 'The Star'...a very small caption...regarding the convo last saturday...my photo was also on 'Kwang Hua' and some chinese newspapers...haha...feels awesome!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


070707 TAR College (Penang) Convocation, 7 July 2007

It's such a special day today!! Triple 7...and it's our convocation!!

Reached college at 8am this morning and we were all dressed up in our gown. This is the first time that we're having a hood and mortar board...looks much nicer! We were the 1st course to receive our scroll so we were seated in front. Everything just happened so fast and everything was over within a few seconds...2 years of hard work just for this few seconds!!
After the ceremony, 3 other book prize winners and I were called to see the press and we spent some time taking some photographs. Mum, dad and bros were also there. After everything's done,we had a family photo with grandma and grandaunt...glad to see them here for me!! Also took some photos with other friends.
Mum booked a table for lunch so we went straight for lunch after that...quite surprised coz i didn't know about their plans. Actually, before the convo, my mood was quite bad but it was great to see mum,bro,grandma n grandaunt coming after the ceremony. Happy also coz I got a cheque of RM250 for book prize...haha!!
It's time to go back to KL again and well...there's still a long way to go...still lots of things to learn and really hope that I can continue to do well for advanced and acca!! By the way, I didn't manage to get the UNSW scholarship...a bit dissapointing but since I've got a great start here in KL...things aren't so bad after all.