Friday, July 13, 2007


Busy Busy Busy~~!!

It's now the 7th week of my 1st semester here...soooo fast!! Have been kinda busy with tutorials, assignments(haven't started yet!) and still need to put more effort to revise coz till now...I'm still a bit lost...OMG!!

We had an AGM for Financial Accounting Society(FAS) on Wed and the main elect the new batch of committee members... And guess what..I was voted as the Chairman...!!! Quite surprised and shocked...really thanks to those who've voted for me...I'll definitely do my very best!! That life will be much much more hectic soon!!! Oh gosh...really hope that I can survive and get through it!! By the way, congratulations to the other 9 committees as well!! Hope that we can all work very well together!!

I'll be going to 2nd aunt's house tomorrow to meet up with bros...and we'll be watching Emil Chou's concert at Bkt Jalil tomorrow nite!! Won 2 tickets for that!! Yeah!!

By the way, my name appeared on last Sunday's 'The Star'...a very small caption...regarding the convo last photo was also on 'Kwang Hua' and some chinese newspapers...haha...feels awesome!!

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