Saturday, July 7, 2007


070707 TAR College (Penang) Convocation, 7 July 2007

It's such a special day today!! Triple 7...and it's our convocation!!

Reached college at 8am this morning and we were all dressed up in our gown. This is the first time that we're having a hood and mortar board...looks much nicer! We were the 1st course to receive our scroll so we were seated in front. Everything just happened so fast and everything was over within a few seconds...2 years of hard work just for this few seconds!!
After the ceremony, 3 other book prize winners and I were called to see the press and we spent some time taking some photographs. Mum, dad and bros were also there. After everything's done,we had a family photo with grandma and grandaunt...glad to see them here for me!! Also took some photos with other friends.
Mum booked a table for lunch so we went straight for lunch after that...quite surprised coz i didn't know about their plans. Actually, before the convo, my mood was quite bad but it was great to see mum,bro,grandma n grandaunt coming after the ceremony. Happy also coz I got a cheque of RM250 for book prize...haha!!
It's time to go back to KL again and well...there's still a long way to go...still lots of things to learn and really hope that I can continue to do well for advanced and acca!! By the way, I didn't manage to get the UNSW scholarship...a bit dissapointing but since I've got a great start here in KL...things aren't so bad after all.

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