Sunday, April 29, 2007

Exam's Over...Finished Diploma!!!!

Yeah..finally exam's over!! Finally...i can get a good rest and relax for a month before starting advanced diploma at KL!! 2 years of diploma is over...phew~~!!
I suppose exam was quite ok...hope result's gonna be ok also..haha!! It's now time to prepare and start packing up my things that I'll have to bring to KL..
This holiday...I've got nowhere to i guess i'll just spend my time watching some movies..reading some magazines...and just relaxxxx..... Need to start practicing to do some house chores also...
Happy frens!!! See ya all at KL yo!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last Week of Teaching~~

Last week was my last week teaching piano at Yamaha Music World... Gonna be leaving Penang for KL at the end of May. So fast...1 year and 7 months is over... this was not my first time job but this is the longest job that I had so far.
Even though I might not have the chance to enjoy every 'tgi friday nite' was really a very valuable experience for me and it was great to be able to utilise what i've been learning for all these years.
Teaching these students had helped me to know myself better and it's not just me who's teaching them...somehow or rather...they have also trained my patience and made me realise my weaknesses. Well..there are times that I was quite I'd like to apologize if I made any mistakes. And I'm also sorry for keep on changing the time.. ~.~
There's no short cut.....PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!! Keep up the good work!!




Yi Jing

Hong Rui: Keep up the good work! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Exam's Coming!! :o

Counting down to exams lo!! Apr 27 & last 2 papers for Diploma~~!!
This is the last week of my studies in penang tarc...itz kinda unbelievable that 2 years passes by so fast... Tomorrow is gonna be my last day attending class here lo... Actually i wanted to see some of my lecturers who have taught me before to thank them personally(not like me huh..) but...I am just too laid back to have the guts to do so....=.= Everyone of them are great, dedicated, responsible...and I can't deny that they gave me a lot of confidence and strength to bring out the best in me these 2 years... Thank ya all soooo much!! Keep up the good work!
No more time to relax anymore...need to maintain my results for this last 2 subjects...!
To all my friends...gambatte oo..!! Go All The Way~~!! :)

3 of us with Grace...during last lecture for Company Law

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back from KL...again!

Guess what...I went to KL for 3 times within 6 weeks....haih....
Went to KL yesterday with yw and find a room lo... Supposed to be settled earlier on d but that owner wanted to take back the room after we've confirmed everything...what to choice.
It's just one week away from exams and we still had to go to KL all the way just to find a room... We had 2 at prima setapak..master bedroom...rental is quite reasonable.....and another one at plaza prima...also master bedroom...a bit more expensive but of course it's newer and more equipped... Spent one afternoon looking around and finally....we decided to take the newer least managed to settle this troublesome thing this trip...phew...
Time to focus on exams lo!!!!! Gambatte!!!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

2006 Christmas Holiday at Korea

Christmas Holiday at Korea, 20-25 December 2006

YOU....sick what sick owe me a christmas in korea!!!

Spending Christmas onboard wasn't that fun...hehe...still had to study....

25.12.06 10.00am: Incheon International Airport

After 5 days...we were back at this's Christmas Day!!! Had a really wonderful time in Korea...good time passes by so quickly...time to head back to Penang!!

24.12.06 8.30pm: Lotte World
Actually before coming here, we went to Seven Luck Casino...I was blocked but luckily i proofed that i was 18 already so got the chance to step in there....but...didn't gamble at all...Haha!! was christmas eve and it is the worst time to come to an amusement park....the crowd was incredible...just spend your time queing for the entire night... Supposingly, it should great to be able to count down for christmas bro spoilt the night...he got sick!!!!! Arrghhhh...spent my christmas night all alone in that big hotel room...pathetic!!

Nice tree!!

Our zodiac....Rabbit!!

24.12.06 3.00pm: The National Folk Museum

24.12.06 4.30pm: Kyongbok Palace
Looks like China huh....even the palace looks similar...
There's White House in's Blue House...
Yup...this is the president's residence...tight security...that guard behind is so pity....just standing there without moving ler....

24.12.06 2.00pm: Blue House

24.12.06 12.00pm: Lunch-Steamboat (again)
Grabbed some time to buy some souvenirs from a stall by the road side.

Had a chance to try on their traditional dress....haha...looks weird!
Learning to make KimChi....i don't think i dare to eat it too....
24.12.06 10.00am: KimChi School
It was christmas eve...purposely dressed in red and white...match the board huh!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

2006 Christmas Holiday at Korea

Christmas Holiday at Korea, 20-25 December 2006

23.12.06 10.00pm: Hotel Seoul Leisure Global
Our hotel at!! There was a jacuzzi in the bathroom...geng~~!! They even had DVD player and flat screen TV!!

23.12.06 8.30pm: Dongdaemun
Our Korean tour guide, Andy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2006 Christmas Holiday at Korea

Christmas Holiday at Korea, 20-25 December 2006

23.12.06 2.30pm: Nami Island
Beautiful island...filming site for Winter Sonata. Favourite destination for couples...scenery is nice! This photo is awesome...!!!

23.12.06 1.30pm: Lunch - Fried Chicken Chop

23.12.06 11.00am: Chuncheong Myeongdong
Filming site of Winter Sonata

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2006 Christmas Holiday at Korea

Christmas Holiday at Korea, 20-25 December 2006

23.12.06 10.00am: I wasn't quite sure where this place was...
Should be a rest station on the highway...I slept all the way till we reached.

22.12.06 7.30pm: Dinner - Seafood Steamboat
One thing special about this dinner was that we had the chance to try tatami style. Took off our shoes and sat on the floor to eat...nice experience... Guess brother and dad wasn't comfortable with their position... their ass were burning HOT~~Hahaha...the heater is right under where they sat!!

22.12.06 3.00pm: Naksan Beach
Rising Sun

22.12.06 1.00pm: Lunch -Bbq Pork
It was the same restaurant as last nite but today, we had the chance to barbeque :)

Argh...didn't have the chance to try skiing down from that slope...

Actually, this ski resort was also a filming site for Autumn In My Heart... See that house's 'Yuan Bin's' house in that drama...'s snowing!!!!!! Quick...SMILE~~

Off we go!!!! Looks pro sweat...

Dad's excited!! Hey mum...look here...we're taking a photo..!

That ski was heavy...we were like wearing flippers...walking around like ducks... Hahaha~~! But this photo looks nice huh??

22.12.06 9.30am: 2nd day-Phoenix Park Ski Resort
Yo...i was so excited about today...skiing was fun! Our tour guide taught us some basics and off we go...
21.12.06 9.30pm: Hotel Phoenix Park
Finally, it was almost the end of the day...just checked in to our hotel. We stayed at a ski the weather was damn cold and there's snow!! There were 2 with bed and another 1 was tatami...interesting.. It was quite a comfortable hotel...very equipped and luckily there was heater.