Monday, April 9, 2007

2006 Christmas Holiday at Korea

Christmas Holiday at Korea, 20-25 December 2006
21.12.06 7.30pm: Steamboat Dinner
Finally...after a long's time for dinner!! There were Kimchi..some dishes which i dunno their names. The rice was nice....especially together with the seaweed!! Weather's damn cold outside...the steamboat came just in time!! It's a bit smoky cos another side is having Bbq...we're gonna eat that 2moro!
We are family!!

21.12.06 5pm: Suwon & Hwaseong Fortress
I'm not quite sure what this place used to be...too sleepy when the tourist guide was telling the walked around and took some photos!! Finally, I am wearing that's really freezing colddd~~~!!!
Watched Taegukgi before?? Yaya....that's it...
YuanBing and Zhang Dong Jian's character!!

That thing behind is made from granite...symbolising that North & South Korea are so near yet so far...apart.

Had a snapshot with some of the soldiers there....they are pretty friendly!!

21.12.06 3pm: War Museum

War between North Korea and South Korea...a museum for memorial.

The lake is freezing!!

Trying out one of the traditional games played by Korean kids....It's like javelin...just throw the stick into either one of the holes there. Looks easy huh...I can't even get one in!!! Am i too lousy??? Hehe!!

21.12.06 1.30pm: Namsangol Hanok Village
Sounds unfamiliar right...haha...actually this is the filming site for Da Chang Jin. I'm not really a fan of this show, but the surrounding is really nice!! My first time seeing excited!!

21.12.06 11.30am: Ginseng Chicken Soup & Ginseng Wine for lunch...

Yummy yummy~~delicious!!

Outside the stadium....scenery's beautiful!!

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