Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Horsey CNY 2014

I'm 3 months behind but can't miss out on my annual CNY blog's a quick update on this year's CNY. This year's CNY was very different for me coz after being the 'kid' receiving ang pows for the past 26 years, I'm officially disqualified from receiving ang pows this year onward and instead I'm the one distributing. =( Need my hubby here to help share out the costs next time...haha!! =P Apart from this, everything else is pretty much same old same old...lotsa food, house-hopping, family gatherings, and more food. Since my wedding was only a month before CNY, the most question that I got from the relatives this year was "Where's your husband?" Answer: Ee tui ki bi kok zho kang liao. Daniel went back to US 2 days after our wedding so yea we're back to LDR for now. 

Jan 30 (Thurs): Reunion dinner. After 2 years of reunion dinner at the hotel, we're back to home-style steamboat for this year's reunion dinner. Now that most of the 'kids' have started working already, our reunion dinner is almost complete...missing only one cousin this year. =)

Jan 31 (Fri): First day of CNY. Same old routine...lunch at 姑妈 house, paternal relatives at our house, and maternal relatives at granduncle's house. Bro and I 'recycling' our outfit from the wedding. =P 

Bro had fun playing with his new Go Pro. Here's a time lapse of what happened during our 2-hour preparation for CNY reunion steamboat.

Feb 1 (Sat): House-hopped to 5 houses on the 2nd day of CNY.

"These are the special moments with family and friends. An occasion for reunion. A time to remember. Thanks for the beautiful memories, the joy and laughter, and not to forget, the angpaus!"Credits to Sheng for this video.