Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's mom's birthday today!! Last year, mom & dad went to China during her birthday so we celebrated after she came back. This year, both of us are in the states so can't celebrate it with her. At least we can still use internet to send our wishes...hehe!! :)

I remember when I first came over, mom was worried that I don't have enough money to use here so she wanted to send me money even though I said that I had more than enough coz I don't really spend much. Of course, I stopped her from doing so. Whenever I tell my friend about this, they'll say that my parents are rich and I should just take it. Well, we're not rich...juz that mom would rather spend less on herself and spend it on us instead. It has always been this way since young. That's why I always try to achieve in everything I do so that I can make my them proud. And I'm glad that I can help them save money on my education by getting full scholarship for college and also getting this scholarship to come over here....haha!! :)
I was looking through the photos on my external and realized that I haven't posted anything about our Phuket trip since May! Here are some of our happy family photos...thanks mom & dad for giving us such a great family!! :) Looking forward to see y'all this winter break!!

I love my family!!!
(Aiya...big bro missing in these pics!)

Seafood dinner during dad's birthday few days before flying to US

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life's a journey with new experiences...

Yeah...I'm finally updating my blog again! :) The past 3 weekends had been busy & lots to update all at once. I'm happy that everything has been going very well since I came here and I'm enjoyed every opportunity to learn & experience different things every day!!

This was my first time ever celebrating Halloween so it was definitely a brand new experience! It was fun to see how people celebrate it over here...decorating their houses with pumpkins & other 'scary' stuffs, carve pumpkins and most importantly dress up for Halloween parties!! My first Halloween experience was absolutely awesome coz I went to a pumpkin carving party and 2 Halloween parties...all in Birmingham! Haha...thanks to Daniel & Anna for being such good American least I have the chance to hang out with more Americans...haha!! :p

Nice Halloween decorations!!!

25 Oct 2008 (Sat): Pumpkin Carving Party @ Erin's House
Anna, Sabina, Cristina and I went down to Birmingham for this pumpkin carving party. It was funny coz we spent bout 30 minutes driving around juz to buy 2 huge pumpkins...haha!! It was really fun carving the pumpkin with Anna & Daniel. I've never carved a pumpkin before so they had to explain to me step by step what we need to do. It wasn't hard...juz takes time...but I like it was really interesting for me!! And we had quite a complicated design...well...we 'ruined' it a bit...but overall it was very niceeee!!! Not bad for a first timer...hahaha!! :)

Our pumpkin was sooo AWESOME...luv it!!

31 Oct & 1 Nov 2008 (Fri & Sat): Halloween Parties @ Birmingham

Daniel invited me to their house party and also another party at his friend's house. It was very nice of him to come all the way here to fetch me to and fro Birmingham....really appreciate it!! I met lotsa new 'american' friends in both parties...most of them PHD students in UAB. Both parties were fun coz everyone was chatting, eating, drinking & playing games...definitely better than the loud music in the frat parties...haha!! :p

Halloween Party @ The 'Man-sion'
I dressed up as japanese school i look like??

Wondering what it's like in american parties?
Eat, chat, watch football, play beer pong & flip cups and playing with kids (my favorite)...hahaha!!


6 Nov 2008 (Thurs): Homecoming Bonfire

7 Nov 2008 (Fri): TEA Conference @ Holiday Inn, Huntsville
The international office gave us the opportunity to help out in this event and claim our communitey service hours. But since I've already completed my 10 hours for this semester, I juz volunteered to help out coz I felt that it would be a good experience to get involved in something different. I was there from 7.30am till 5.30pm...helping whenever they need was quite an easy task and I really enjoyed the experience being in the 'Blue Team'.

Glad to be part of the 'Blue Team'!!

We were the 'escorts' to the Early Works Museum

But we were busy taking pictures instead of escorting...oops!! :p

Finally some pictures of downtown Huntsville
The trees are soooo beautiful!!! I love Autumn!!

7 Nov 2008 (Fri): UAH Ice Hockey Game
We went to the Von Braun Center to watch the hockey game between UAH and Bemidji State. It was my first time watching an ice hockey game so I was very excited about it!! We were sitting near some fun supporters so it made the game even more interesting coz we were cheering for UAH all the time. We also saw Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn at the game coz they were there to cheer for their son. It was a good game and we won 4:2...woohoo!! and white are the colors for UAH...Go Chargers!!!

Go Chargers!!!

8 Nov 2008 (Sat): Chinese Lantern Festival @ Grissom High School
Well...mid-autumn festival is over for quite some time already...but this event was delayed till last weekend. I volunteered to help in this event coz I really wanted to attend since I didn't get to celebrate it back home. Everything was so familiar to me...people, language, food & performances...felt like back home!! I was also helping Uyanga as her 'assistant' coz she had 2 performances...and she won first prize for her Mongolian dance...congrats!!

The fall semester is coming to an end and I've finished all my tests...still have quiz & project due nex week. Then it's Thanksgiving break and final exam! So far, I'm doing good in all my classes...still getting A's...oh yeah!! ;)

Winter break is gonna be awesome coz bro & I will be travelling around. We'll start with ski trip at West Virginia...after that maybe Baltimore & Maryland....then join the 8 days' East Coast tour from 24th-31st Dec (New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Boston, Rhode Island & New Jersey)....will be spending Christmas & New Year in New York...woohoo!!! :) And the best thing is.....mum & dad will be coming over to join us for the 8 days' tour....AWESOME!!! :)