Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fall 2018

This Fall has been colder than normal but I got to enjoy my last bit of summer in Tampa traveling back and forth over the last 6 weeks (Oct 6 - Nov 16). With the days getting dark earlier coupled with the colder weather, and never-ending work, I feel like my busy season started 3 months earlier...so depressing. =( Too much crap going on with work now I desperately need a break before I continue dealing with more of them. Gonna go into exile for the next 2 weeks (hopefully), so here's a quick update of my uneventful Fall.

Enjoyed my Platinum perks (free upgrades) before I lose them in January. My lil' trick of not having to put my laptop away during take off and landing...flip it over into a tablet. =P

One of the many reasons why I enjoy flying

Spent a good number of nights hotel hopping...

...and countless meals in front of the laptop (working).

Oct 14 & 21 (Sun): Hotdog fried rice, stir-fried veggies, lo-mien with hotdog and fry egg.

Oct 28 & Nov 4 (Sun): Pasta with meatball, stir-fry pork & veggies, Campbell's wicked Thai soup, pasta with tomyum tomato sauce.

Nov 11 & 18 (Sun): Teriyaki beef and rice, egg sandwich, fried rice with pork and mixed veggies, and China buffet. 

His toys...her toy...

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