Tuesday, July 29, 2008

9 More Days to Alabama...

Wow~!! Can't believe that I'm flying off to Alabama in 9 days' time!!! Counting down from 2 months...till now...about 1 more week left only!! Juz realised how 'much' time I'm left with to pack my luggage when I saw the count down for 2008 Olympic...gosh!! Headache with what to bring...what not to bring...aargh!! This time...I'll be travelling ALONE...sounds scary but luckily I've got some experience during my last trip to Hawaii...I'm sure everything's gonna be GREAT!! Anyway, I'm really excited and looking forward to experience a completely new life & new environment!! Oh Sweet Home Alabama...I'm comin'!! :)

Meet-ups with friends before leavin'!!
1. Lunch with fella AFA Course Committees @ college cafeteria
2. FAS committees 'retirement' dinner @ Chilis
3. Farewell with high school buddies Phaik San & Geng Qian
4. Sunway Lagoon trip with Yuki, Hooi Yee, Christine & Howard
5. Community Sociology gathering in Penang

Some pictures of University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH)...not bad huh!

Business Administration Building...will probably attend most of my classes here!

One thing COOL about UAH is...it is situated beside NASA Space & Rocket Center!!

The city of Huntsville, Alabama

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