Thursday, March 22, 2007

Result's Released!!

March 19, 10.30am
Haha...I've been anxious to get my results and finally....i've got it on Monday!!
3 of us went to get our results after the lecture...and guess wat...all 3 of us got straight As!!! Of course...I was hoping to get 4-flat all these I was really relieved to get it!!
5 ppl from our class scored straight As for this semester and it's great that 4 of us (pz,yw,yc & me) were among the would be fantastic if the 4 of us are still 2gether!! Anyway, congratulations to the 3 of you..Well friends!!
Well, it's now coming to the end of our diploma in Penang and this is already the last semester...we've got 2 more subjects to go...All the best..Good Luck...Keep Up the Good Work!!!
Hope Y2M7 will have the most students getting the book prize this year!! Gambatte!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey...first time looking at your blog...haha...

Anyway, congrats on your marvellous results...i was still worrying bout ur results earlier on...but now everything turns out fine...phew!!

haha...anyway...will u get the book prize? when will be ur graduation? hope that i could be back at that time...ciao!!

Muakss!!Love fr Sheng...hehe!