Sunday, March 11, 2007

LeeHom 'Heroes Of Earth' After Concert Celebration Party

March 4, 11.30pm Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Wakakaka.....Envy or not?? I'm so excited to be here!! Well..if u are wondering how I got the chance to be here...itz all about luck!! Actually, I managed to call-in and...surprise...I was selected as one of the 5 winners to attend it!! I could bring 1 more person to attend and since my bro is so excited about being let him accompany me here lo!!

I was supposed to reach the hotel by 10.30pm but...we left bukit jalil at 10.15...ran all the way to the LRT station..mana tau missed the station so had to run back...tiring ler!! We rushed all the way and reach at 11pm...guess wat...we were still earlier than others!! Waste our energy lo! Waited bout 45 minutes before LeeHom finally arrived!!

We managed to see him nearer in person and took some 'blur' photos again...=.= It was a buffet(supper at 12am!) But our main focus was on LeeHom... Waited till 1 something to finally have a group photo with him! I still haven't received the photo yet..will post it up once i've got it! :D

At Diamond Ballroom,Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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