Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home!!

I'm Back!! 14 June 2007

Yeah...I'm back to Penang for the 1st time...but juz 3 weeks was over.. Took a bus from Pudu in the evening and reached home around 10 something...what a long day!! The 1st thing that i did when i reached home...had dinner that mum cooked...yummy!! Actually,we purposely came back this week coz itz Father's Day...even though i still haven't planned how to celebrate yet...

Well,it has been 3 weeks in KL and what could I say...hmm...time passes by quite fast and itz great to see everything falling into places day after day... From appointing class reps, contacting supplier, selling text books, distributing bills & scholarship letters, collecting money, getting the name list...PHEW...finally...everything is almost done!! And thanks to all the course committee and class reps who have been so cooperative and you guys really helped me a lot!!! You guys have given me a great start here in this brand new place!! Hope that we can know each other better in future!!

I still haven't done my tutorials and I've still gotta prepare for the roleplay next week...OMG...I'm not sure whether I can finish them or not yet... I've been quite happy for the past week...of course...itz because I've got my results and ranked quite well in my course.. I'm looking forward to our convo on 7 July 2007...nice date huh?? It will be great to be back and meet some of my friends back in Penang...Yeah!!

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