Friday, May 15, 2009

Goodbye Ooiiee!!

Uyanga flew to LA a day before I flew home...3 of us extended our stay so we were the last 3 to go home. Anna & I woke up early that morning to send her off at the airport. I still remembered that I was the one who helped her to check into her room when she first arrived. Among all other sponsored students, I was closer to her perhaps coz we share a lot in common. Both of us are business students, like dancing, play piano, & likes taking pictures. I was her 'manager' when she had dance performance...gave her morning call...went for lunch & dinner together...had guitar class together...went to bank together...etc. Throughout these 9 months...we've done a lot of things together and all these are gonna be in my memories. She's going back to Mongolia to continue her studies & pursue her dream as a dancer...all the best!! I don't know if we're ever gonna meet again...but do stay in touch...Miss C!!! :p

Dr Pottenger, Ms Anita, Htet, Thy, Anna & I went to the airport 

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