Saturday, May 5, 2007


Charming Wu Chun~~!!

Happy Holidays!! Haha…I’m enjoying my 1 month holiday right now!!
Guess what…I haven’t been doing anything much yet for the 1st week of my holidays…but I did spent 2 days watching Hanakimi and I liked it!! Main reason…of course…because of WuChun!! Wow…he’s such a charming guy!! It’s great to see him acting and partnering with Ella…the story line is kinda simple and since it’s a comedy…it’s fun to watch both of them acting!!
This show is gonna be aired on 8tv end of this month and the best thing is…WuChun and YuZhe is coming over for the promo!! Really hope can see this 2 gorgeous guy in person when they come over!! Haha…can’t imagine me being a fan of this drama and WuChun huh?? :)

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