Saturday, June 2, 2007

1st weekend ~ Bukit Bintang!!

Exhausted!! Berjaya Times Square & Sg Wang~~!! 2 June 2007

Itz my 1st weekend here in KL and peizhi already can't wait to go shopping... So we went to Berjaya Times Square and Sg Wang from 2pm til 8 something!! I departed from Bangsar all alone...took a cab...then took the monorail all the way to times square.. And I'm 'sui' enough coz there was some 'technical problem' with the monorail today so had to wait and it was so damn took me more than half an hour from kl sentral to reach times square...OMG!! But i'm glad that i managed to get there and believe it or not...i'm proud of myself for being able to be more independent within such a short period!! Hehe...!! was yunwan and peizhi who were doing the shopping. SinEu & I was like a 'bodyguard' following wherever they go..and there were quite a lot of people since it was weekend... I'm back at Berjaya Times Square again this week...1 week is over but it was juz like yesterday that I saw WuChun was really a memorable experience for me and I guess I'll always remember that whenever I come back to Times Square!!

We had our dinner after spending the whole afternoon walking around...and truth...I'm exhausted!! Yeah i know...girls are supposed to love shopping but...I guess I'm the only one excluded...hehe!! Reached home around 9 something...refreshed myself with a shower and itz time to get a good night's rest.. Gotta spend some time to study 2moro lo... :)

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