Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bad Luck...Sad!!

What a 'GOOD' Christmas present... :(

I'm back in Penang lo! Actually I planned to come back next week for New Year....not X'mas. It was really a last minute decision coz I received the call from Sony BMG's staff earlier this week regarding the trip to Hawaii. We're gonna transit at Osaka so...had to get a transit visa...and they need my passport number. Too bad my passport has expired so mum asked me to come back to renew it this week.

I came back alone on Thursday afternoon...didn't manage to get any earlier bus ticket. As usual, the bus was late again and so I had to wait at the terminal. U know lar...Puduraya...such a congested place...especially during holiday season. I wasn't sure how long I had to wait and my bag was pretty I put my bag on the floor right beside me...a backpack, document bag with my laptop inside and another plastic bag. After waiting for more than half an hour...I suddenly realized that my backpack was missing!!!! OMG...just a split second and my bag is gone...DAMN!!! Someone has stolen my bag!!! It was impossible to find the thief in pudu and it was also time to board the bus...what to do...just felt helpless lo!

Luckily my laptop and purse wasn't stolen...PHEW~~!! There weren't much valuable things in my backpack...but some of the things stolen was my favourite was really troublesome losing so many things all at once!! But looking at the good side...I was lucky enough not losing my laptop, handphone and purse....or else it would be much much more troublesome...I bet the thief would be so pissed after opening up my bag...Haha!! People always say...'旧的不去,新的不来'...I should be glad to be able to get some new stuffs but I doubt whether I can do so...mum's the financial controller... :(

So...I hope I can shop for some things in Japan and Hawaii...yeah!!!


Hawaii Trip:
Jan 7 - 9.35pm: KL-Singapore-Osaka
8 - 7.00am: Transit Osaka
-10.00pm: Osaka-Honolulu
- 8.05am: Arrival at Hawaii
10 - 7.30pm: Backstreet Boys Showcase @ Hawaii Convention Center
12 - 8.05am: Honolulu-Tokyo
13 - 1.40pm: Tokyo-KL


~R3n3e~ said...

wah...go soooooooo far har?! go alone lagi tu!! go wit indian o?! can communicate ma? ltr d indian keep on saying"yandebukena fangdebukena..." then u ma cham? tat's nt d main point la... d main point i left comment here is"RMB MY SOUVENIEIR AHH!!" lol..wakakakka! take care ahh..

Danny said...

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