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BACKSTREET BOYS in HAWAII~~!!! CoOOL~~!!! 7-13 Jan 2008

BSB @ Rehearsal and Meet&Greet

BSB Performance in Hawaii 1 - Sooo HIGH!!!

BSB Performance in Hawaii 2- Nick took 1 of the fans' DV!!! Fans going crazy...bear with it!!

It has been 2 weeks since I came back from Hawaii...had soooo much FUN!!! Had been busy studying for my exams after I came back and finally...exam was over on Wednesday...Hooray!! So....itz time to update about my Hawaii trip lol!!!!

I've written a journal during the trip but that's a lil' too lengthy. Will try to make it short here by using more pictures instead of words. I've combined quite a number of my photos coz there are too many pics that I wanna share here... Made some mistakes with the dates on the photos coz of the time difference..hehe!! :)

Jan 7 ~ Mum (came all the way from PG) & bro sent me off at KLIA.
First time travelling alone...kinda worried but excited!!
This is the just the beginning of my journey...

@Osaka Kansai International Airport...Day & Night...15 hours transit...YEAH...KONICHIWA JAPAN!! :)

Jan 8 ~ Walking along the streets of was cold & breezy...loved it so much!! :)

Jan 8 ~ Lunch @ Osaka. Ordered using a vending machine...Cool!!

Takoyaki!!! Itz fried can u not try it in Osaka?? Yummy yummy!! O Yi Shi~!! LiYin...thanks for recommending this!!

On a big overhead bridge @ Osaka Station

Temple @ happen to pass by...saw those wishing woods...looked like those in the dramas!!

Subway @ Osaka Station...sooo many people...scary ler!!!

Jan 8 ~ Honolulu, HI. Finally!!
We were staying at Sheraton Waikiki...along Waikiki famous beach!!!
Royal Hawaiian is another hotel beside our hotel...and tatz where the Backstreet Boys were staying!!
Tatz the limo that fetched us from airport to hotel.
And tatz real flowers...itz called 'lei'...everyone who checks in will receive NICE!!!

Our hotel room... Nice View!!!!

So many elevators...I think 12 altogether...Don't even need to sit on the sofa to wait...Haha!! :)

Chillin' by the poolside....'Studying'!!! Haha...imagine 'studying for exam in Hawaii...crazy meh!! Of course didn't manage to focus lar! Forget about exam...bringing books juz reduces my guilt!!

Walkin' around Kalakaua Ave. Designer brands like LV, Chanel, Gucci, Tiffanny & Co...etc along the street.

Jan 9 ~ Ala Wai Canal ; Boarded the Scarlet Whale Watching Cruise @ Fisherman's Wharf

Picturesque scenery of the city from the cruise...Haha...I was more attracted by the scenery than the whales!!

That ship is 'Falls of Clyde'... Just simply snapping anything interesting along the way.

Aloha Tower & Marketplace ; Ward Warehouse & Ward Center

Jan 9 ~ The Backstreet Boys were actually here in Hawaii for the Sony Open in Hawaii Golf Tournament. Only Brian & AJ was there for the tournament. This photo was taken by Pack from Thailand.

Spent only only one morning on the Waikiki was so crowded!! Whole stretch of hotels along the beach...and tat mountain there is called the Diamond Head. I lost my cap here...Sad!! :(

Jan 10 ~ 28 Backstreet fans from different countries... Holland, Switzerland, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines & Indonesia.

Oh Gosh...I really can't believe that I'm actually here...right in front of the stage...looking at Backstreet Boys doing the rehearsal!!!!!! Exclusively for us only!! Soooo HIGH....soooo EXCITED....sooo...HAPPY....sooo UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Haha...guess who is this cute boy?? Answer: Brian's son...Baylee. Haha...he was so cute!! Some of them asked for his autograph...looks like he's the future superstar!! He was dancing the whole night beside the stage when his dad was father like son!!! :)

The Meet & Greet session. Hehe...standing beside Brian & Howie!!! Everyone received an autographed photo of the Boys...Awesome!!!

Sumptuous dinner hosted by SonyBMG @ Rum Fire Restaurant...very special & beautiful!! Yummy!!

Corey Campbell...Rum Fire's manager. He's such a nice & friendly guy!! Cheers!! :)

SonyBMG's staff...Eric on the left...our 'babysitter'. Thank you so much for arranging everything for us...u guys are AWESOME!! Thank you SONY BMG for this trip!!!

Venue for the dinner where BSB will be performing @ The Hawaii Convention Center

This is the moment that we've all been longing for!!! Going through backstage and standing beside the stage to watch them perform...sooo close...OMG!!! Ended up screaming and snapping pics like mad for 45 minutes!!! Even the guests present for the dinner were going crazy...haha!!! Really really HIGH!! They sang quite a number of new songs from UNBREAKABLE and also those old songs that we are all familiar with...GOOD SHOW!!!

Clubbing @ Fashion 45.
4 of us went over to Fashion 45 after the concert and saw Nick Carter & Howie there...playing the 'Beer Pong' game...I stood right beside them to watch them play...feels so surreal!!! Can't believe I was in Hawaii clubbing with the BSB!!! Wahlao eh!!! Only managed to take photo with Howie...Nick's bodyguard didn't allow...too bad!! But anyway, it was such a great experience!! Once in a lifetime!!!

Jan 11 ~ Spent the day walking & shopping along Kalakaua Avenue. Bought quite a lot of things!

Jan 12 ~ Oh No!!! Itz coming to the end of our trip...sooo SAD...feel like crying larr!! Hawaii is such a nice & beautiful place...people here are nice and I felt so welcomed here!! Seeing BSB in Hawaii was totally FANTASTIC!! Will definitely miss every single little experience that I've had in Hawaii!! Mahalo!!

Too bored on the plane...snapping pics again... Time to go back to 'reality' again!! Bye bye Paradise!!!

Things that I bought in Osaka & Hawaii!! Can't believe I spent more than RM1000 for this trip...but my net expenses is actually RM80 only...SonyBMG paid for almost everything!!

One important thing that I haven't mentioned is the person whom I've been travelling with, Kajai...the winner from Red fm. She's been a guiding me from Japan to Hawaii and I've had a good time travelling and chatting with her. We didn't know each other before the trip but we became friends throughout this trip. I really appreciate the companionship!!

Quote: Life Doesn't Hold Tryouts...Remember to Live Everyday Without Regrets!!

~My Detailed Journal~

OSAKA & HAWAII, 7-13 Jan 2008

7 Jan 2008 (Monday)

Here I am again, writing about my journey on the plane. It has been about a year since I last traveled overseas. This trip to Hawaii is really something that I’ve never imagined. Oh gosh…really really thank God for blessing me with such luck!!

It has been a very long day for me today, having classes non-stop from 8am till 2pm just now and sat for the MYOB exam…not quite good…hope to get an A though. Mum came down all the way from Penang at noon and I made her wait for an hour at the LRT station!! Oops…sorry!! Went to SonyBmg to collect my things n rushed to complete the application for the student exchange stuff, then went for dinner with mum and brother at Bangi and headed to KLIA. The worst thing…this is the final week of the semester and there are so many things to…well…that’s my long day!!

7.50pm ~ Reached KLIA, checked-in then strolled around before departing!! This trip is very much different from all my previous trips overseas. I’ve just met Kajai once only and here we are…about to begin a journey thousands of miles away to a place that we are both unfamiliar with…absolutely something new n exciting for both of us! This is the first time that I’m traveling alone n have to be careful with everything. Luckily Kajai has been traveling quite frequently so at least she can ‘take care’ of me…Haha!! :)

9.15pm ~ The moment I walked into the plane, I felt a bit insecure and blur…not knowing what to expect and mainly coz my family is not with me. But anyway, I’m very excited for this trip coz just saw the itinerary today…lotsa time to spend with the Backstreet Boys…but…Truth…I love their songs but I’m afraid that I don’t know them well enough as compared to other ‘diehard’ fans…Oops!! Another plus point for this trip is that we get to spend a day in Osaka, Japan coz of the long transit duration. COOL!!! Konichiwa Nihon!!!

10.25pm ~ Arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore for transit. Initially, I thought that its juz gonna be a very short one but we were all asked to empty the plane and so we ended up sitting and waitin in the transit area for almost an hour…Haha!!

11.35pm ~ Boarded the plane again. A Japanese girl sat on the same row with me. Her name is Akane. She is very friendly…we chatted for a while and it was nice talking to her. She’s 18, currently studying in a boarding school in Japan. She has been in Singapore for about 10 years, studying in international schools…so she speaks English quite fluently. Most of the passengers in this flight are Japanese and the flight is quite full. Only very few Malaysians but overall it doesn’t affect me much. It’s just that all the books are written in Japanese, hardly able to read anything. Another thing interesting is that the air stewardesses keep on bowing and nodding their head…Haha…I know it’s their culture…but to me as a Malaysian…its cute and funny.

8 Jan 2008 (Tuesday)

7.15pm ~ Arrived at Osaka Kansai Airport!! There weren’t many people in the airport yet coz it was still early. In fact, I just slept for less than 2 hours onboard, watched Rush Hour 3. A long day to go…gonna be real tired!!

8.00am ~ After getting out of the arrival hall, we asked the staff at the tourist information counter about where to go n finally decided to take the train to somewhere further…Osaka Station. Initially, I thought that perhaps we could just take the ¥200 transit shopping tour. That’s so much more cheaper…dunno why we ended up spending 10 times more of that amount to go to downtown Namba and Osaka!! Oh gosh!!!

9.00am ~ We took the Nankai train from the airport, it’s quite comfortable but it took us about 50 minutes to reach Namba. Oh ya…forgot to mention about the weather. It was pretty cold and breezy so I had to wear 3 jackets plus a muffle…Haha!! On our journey, we saw quite a lot of students and they looked nice in their uniforms!! Realised that they were quite a number of good-looking guys in Japan too! Fell asleep quite a few times along the way when trying to study!!

10.00am ~ We reached Namba and started walking around. There were a lot of shopping malls around but it wasn’t good to shop though. We walked through a few streets and basically we just looked around. We stopped for lunch at a small shop. I had noodles, dunno watz the name coz everything is written in Japanese. Itz interesting that the order is made by using a vending machine, so I was like a stupid fella standing there deciding what to eat. I realized that Japanese are very polite and well-mannered…even though I don’t understand a single work that they were talking.

12.30pm ~ Continued walking and bought a sunglass, some chocolates and ate Takoyaki-fried octopus…LiYin told me about this and Akane also recommended this. Not bad!!

1.30pm ~ We took the subway to Osaka/Umeda…another downtown. Basically, there wasn’t much difference with Namba. Couldn’t find any place that sells souvenirs…Damn!! Not even a candy shop…argh!! The only thing that I managed to find was the 100 yen shop. I bought few items but not many though. Both of us were so worn-out at the end of the day…walking most of the time!!

5.25pm ~ Headed back to the airport coz we were both too tired to walk anymore. I tried to study in the train but was so tired that I almost slept for the whole journey…even when the train was packed with the after-work crowd!!

6.30pm ~ It was already dark when we reached the airport again. Quickly checked-in and wanted to find a place to bathe. But they need to charge for the shower room so we didn’t bathe lol!! Had a meal at McDonalds then boarded the plane at 10pm.Off to Hawaii after a long and tiring day!! Slept most of the time in the plane…tired lo!!

10.00pm ~ Time to board the plane again! I was quite surprised that the flight was almost full, 95% Japanese. many Japanese going to Hawaii!!It has been a long day for me so slept quite well during the 7 hours journey. Had a meal quite late, kinda like supper but a heavy one though. All I did was just eat and sleep…haha…like pig lol!!

8 Jan 2008 (Tuesday)

9.40am ~ It’s still the 8th because of the time difference. Finally reached Hawaii!!! ALOHA!!! The Honolulu International Airport was smaller and a Japanese woman was already waiting for us at the arrival hall holding the card with our names on it. They’ve arranged a limousine to fetch us to the hotel. It was my 1st time experiencing this kind of service…felt like VIP…haha!!

11.30am ~ It took us almost half an hour to travel from the airport to Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. We checked-in and one of the staffs put a ‘lei’-flowers on our neck!! Haha…they really do this in Hawaii and everyone’s saying ‘Aloha’!!! Interesting!! Our room was pretty nice, 2 twin beds and we have a sea view…Cool!! The weather was also very nice…sunny day!!

2.00pm ~ Kajai wanted to chill by the pool to have a drink and read a book so we both sat by the pool and I was reading my ‘NOTES’!! Imagine that…reading notes for exam in Hawaii…what larr!! Hawaii is meant for vacation!! But I keep dozing off…so… apparently I didn’t really study much at all…OMG!!

5.00pm ~ Went back to our room…rest awhile and watched MTV channel.

7.30pm ~ We went for a walk around Kalakaua Avenue and there were so many shops along the boulevard…all designer brands like LV, Chanel, Gucci, Armani Exchange, Nike.. There are also some souvenir shops which sell so many things…interesting!! All the trees were also lighted up so it was quite nice to walk around. Many other tourists too!! Kajai said she saw Bsb’s AJ walking past us…but…damn…I didn’t see him!!

10.00pm ~ Went back to hotel to plan for tomorrow. Might go for some sightseeing and go to the beach in the morning.

12.00am ~ I haven’t been revising for the past 3 days…Oh no!! I’m really worried and really hope that I can get everything done before exam.

9 Jan 2008 (Wednesday)

11.00am ~ We were supposed to wake up early to go to the beach this morning but both of us overslept!! I guess we were just too tired due to jet lag!! No more beach today so we decided to take a tour to see the whales. We quickly bathe and get prepared to go the Fisherman’s Wharf to board the Scarlet Cruise.

12.10pm ~ We went to Kuhio Street to take the bus. It was quite convenient and cost only $2 per trip. But…because Kajai read the map wrongly, we ended up at a wrong stop, which was much much earlier than the correct one. So, we had to walk and walk and walk.

1.15pm ~ After walking for about half an hour, we finally reached the place and boarded the cruise.

1.30pm ~ The cruise went out to the sea and we watched carefully to see if there were any whales. The weather was sunny and bright so it was pretty tiring staying under the sun to look out for whales. We waited for quite some time and finally say the water splash from the whale…saw a small part of its body and tail. It was kinda far away so couldn’t capture anything with the camera. Saw it for 4 to 5 times. I felt a little giddy coz the boat was kinda bouncy. I went to a place with shade and took a rest…can’t imagine I fell asleep again…Oh my!!

3.30pm ~ The tour ended and we docked at Pier 8 near the Aloha Tower too! We headed to Ward Warehouse to see if we could buy anything there. There were quite a few shopping places there so we spent quite some time walking around. Kajai bought some calendars and soaps but I didn’t buy anything…haha!!

6.00pm ~ Walked around Ward Center then had our dinner at Kakaako Kitchen…spent about $10 for dinner…expensive ler!! It was something like chilly chicken…forgot the name. 2 guys came over to talk to us (Kajai)…LeeDaniel and Jay. Haha…guess what…LeeDaniel said that he is a stripper…hahaha!!

7.15pm ~ After dinner, we took a bus back to Waikiki. On the way, we stopped at a cap shop and I got brothers 2 Nike caps. Took a pretty long time choosing coz I’m so indecisive.

9.00pm ~ Finally back to hotel after a long day. Watched TV and slept after that. 3rd day’s over…:(

10 Jan 2008 (Thursday)

Today’s the day…the day that we’ve been looking forward to for the past few weeks!! Coz we’ll be meeting the BACKSTREET BOYS!!! Hooray!! The event is in the afternoon and at night…at the Hawaii Convention Centre!!

10am ~ We woke up pretty late again today and went to the beach. Spent a short time in the sea coz there wasn’t much to do. The water’s saltier and it is not really clear though. I brought my notes along and was thinking of sunbathing on the beach to do some reading. But unfortunately, I keep dozing off and didn’t study again…shit!! And the worst thing that upsets me most was that I lost my favorite cap…the one that bro bought for me from UK!! Oh gosh…I liked that cap so much and I didn’t know when it dropped when I was walking on the beach!! Sad lar… :(

12.30pm ~ We went back to our room to bathe and get prepared for the meet and greet session with the BSB!!

3.15pm ~ All the winners from different countries gathered at the hotel lobby and that was when we met the fans from Brazil, Taiwan, Switzerland, Holland, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Japan. They were all supa-dupa fans of BSB and even brought gifts for them. Met Eric as well, he’s the one in-charge and taking care of us…haha!! After everyone has arrived, we boarded the bus and went to the convention center. The Boys are actually here in Hawaii for the Sony Open Golf Tournament and will be performing during the dinner. We were given the chance to watch their rehearsals right in front of the stage so we were so so close to them!! That was so AMAZING!! They rehearsed a few songs and when they’ve finished the rehearsal, 4 of them came down and took photos with all the fans. Everyone was hugging and kissing them…haha!! It was great to really meet them in person!! So unbelievable!! I stood between Brian and Howie and shook hands with all 4 of them!! We all received an autograph picture of BSB too!!

4.30pm ~ The meet and greet session ended and we headed back to the hotel. Kajai wanted to get a dress so we went to Guess. There was sales so the clothes were quite cheap. Actually they asked us to dress nicer but I just dressed semi-formally…I’m not the one performing after all!

6.30pm ~ We went down to the Rum Fire Restaurant for dinner hosted by SonyBmg. The place was really nice…we could see the sunset and the atmosphere was so cosy! We took photos with fans from other countries and some of them was really very fun. We sat with the Taiwanese fans…Trixie and Erin. The food was special and beautiful but I could hardly see them clearly because of the candle light…but I took photos of all the food served. The best part during the dinner was when the manger came over to ask if the food was alright. After he walked away, we were all saying that…wow…he’s very good looking! Of course, we didn’t have the guts to call for him again so Kajai asked one of the servers if he was the manager and told him that we would like to meet him…haha!! And after a few minutes…he really came over to our table and took my seat and started chatting with Kajai. I was away taking a video of the Hula Girls at the poolside. His name is Corey Campbell. He was such a nice and friendly guy…charming smiles!! Took a photo with him too…haha!!

8.30pm ~ We finished our delicious dinner and once again boarded the bus to the Hawaii Convention Center. We waited for a while outside the hall (Kamehameha I) and while waiting, we saw Adam Sandler walking by. Since it was a Sony Open dinner, there were quite a lot of famous and wealthy people around. It’s just that I didn’t know who they were. After waiting for about 20 minutes…finally…itz show time!!! We were split into half and someone led us to the backstage. We were all so anxious and excited but we all had to keep our voice down and walk softly…can’t believe that we’re already at the backstage!!! Just a few moments before the show starts… Oh My God!!! We were standing right beside the stage to watch the entire concert. Even though we could only see them perform from the back and see them walking over to take a drink occasionally, I was happy enough to have the opportunity to travel all the way here to experience all these!! Everything just felt so surreal!!

For the entire 45 minutes that they were performing, we were all busy singing, screaming and snapping pictures all the time…so HIGH!!! And each time anyone of them comes close, we, as the fans will go crazy...haha!! They performed quite a number of songs including new songs from the Unbreakable album and also those familiar songs from the previous albums. We all sang along with them and it felt so good to hear them singing LIVE!!! I even took Baylee’s (Brian’s son) photo coz he was so cute dancing alone beside the stage throughout the show…Haha!!! Like father like son!! Some of the fans even asked for his autograph…so Cute!! Another interesting part was when Nick Carter came over to our direction and asked for one of the fan’s DV to video himself and the other 3 boys when they were performing. Wow!!! That was so COOL!!! I want that video!!!

The performance finally ended at 10.45pm and as the Boys were walking down the stage, one of the Brazil fan hugged and kissed AJ for a few seconds…OMG!!! She was so overjoyed that she cried after that…Haha!! I think she was also the one who requested for the water bottle that AJ was using during the performance. Someone requested for the drummer’s drum stick and he gave about 4 pairs…I was lucky to get one…Haha!!

This opportunity is really once in a lifetime only and I’m just so thankful to everyone who had made this trip possible for me. 988, Nic, SonyBMG Malaysia, SonyBMG US, Eric Henry and most importantly…the Backstreet Boys!!! I would never forget this memorable experience here in Hawaii and it would definitely be an important part in my memories!!

10.45pm ~ We went back to our hotel and Anggun from Indonesia asked if we want to go over to the hotel that the Boys were staying, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which was just next door to see if we can bump into them. We didn’t see them there but instead, met their band members. We chatted a while with them and they told us that the Boys will be at something like studio 45. Well, you know what the fans usually do right?? Yeah…exactly!! We all decided to go there as well and try to ‘bump’ into them. We found out from the bell boy that the club was actually Fashion 45 and was at the Waikiki Trade Center. Coz usually under-21 are not allowed into clubs, I decided to stay outside while Anggun and Kajai went in to check out first. They said that Nick & Howie were inside and the age limit is actually 18!! Haha…so I paid $15 and entered. I haven’t been to clubs before so it was actually my first time here and it was quite a good experience coz I’m here clubbing with the BSB in Hawaii!!!! Nick & Howie were playing the ‘Beer Pong’ game and I took photos of them playing. Believe it or not…I was standing right beside Howie & Nick…just few cms away…watching them play and passing them the ping pong balls!!! Apparently, I was spending most of the time watching people around and mainly eyes on the Boys. Haha…kinda weird for someone to not dance and drink in a club!! Nick & Howie were talking to some of the people there. We waited for hours hoping to take photos with them when they leave as what his bodyguard promised…but Nick refused so…never mind lar!! At least I managed to get one with Howie!! :)

2.00am ~ We left the club and headed back to the hotel. I went over to Pack’s room to transfer some photos and also copied some of the photos using her laptop. It has been a long but exciting and fun day!!!

11 Jan 2008 (Friday)

Last night has been an awesome night and I actually planned to stay up to study but as usual…I ended up falling asleep again…Damn!!

7.45am ~ I woke up early to study a lil’ while Kajai was still asleep. Today’s gonna be our last day here in Hawaii and we’re gonna do some shopping around Kalakaua Avenue. I sat at the balcony overlooking the sea, studying and listening to my MP3. It was very tranquil and comfortable to study in such an environment…felt so relaxed!!

10.30am ~ We walked down and started our shopping spree!! I bought 3 sports shoes, a locket, some key chains, T-shirts, Hawaii shirts & Hula Dolls. We had our lunch at Taco Bell. We shopped till about 4 something and decided to call it a day coz we’ve bought almost all that we wanted and it’s time to start packing up. Guess how much I spent in a day?? About $200…OMG…can’t believe that I spent so much!!

5.00pm ~ Went back to the hotel o put all my stuffs then went down to make a call back home. After that, I went to the beach to see the sunset.

6.30pm ~ Back to hotel room after sunset. On my way walking back, passed by Rum Fire and guess what…I saw Corey and he too see me passing by and just said ‘hi’ to him. It was time for me to pack all my things and I’ve really got lotsa things to pack up. I spent more than an hour trying to clear everything and squeeze them into my limited space. I came here with 2 bags and now going back with 4 bags. Mainly because of the sports shoes that took up a lot of space.

10.00pm ~ We both wanted to sleep earlier coz we have to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning. I was watching MTV and suddenly thought of buying souvenirs for Eileen. I almost forgotten about it so immediately changed and went down to ABC store to buy a Ukulele, Hula doll and bracelet. Kajai went down and had a drink at Rum Fire.

11.00pm ~ I walked to the beach to take some photos and the night view of Waikiki Beach was so beautiful!! I went to Rum Fire to meet Kajai and we chatted. Corey came over to chat with us… He’s really so friendly and good-looking!! He looked a bit like Ricky Martin…haha!! Both of us chatted quite a lot and we were there till they were closed at around 2am. Corey said goodbye and gave Kajai his cell phone number before we left. It was such a beautiful night!!

2.00am ~ Had a short nap…fell asleep when writing this…the bed is just too comfortable!!

12 Jan 2008 (Saturday)

Going back to Malaysia today…taking an early flight. We left hotel at around 5am…someone fetched us to the airport. On the way to the airport, I felt a bit sad that this trip is coming to an end and it’s time to say goodbye to Hawaii!! Felt like crying when writing this on the plane. The past few days have been very fun, memorable and exciting!! We’ve met lots of nice people here…people who said ‘ALOHA” to us every time and making us felt so welcomed…in this place that we’re not familiar with. I met the Backstreet Boys, experienced clubbing in Hawaii with BSB, met a nice guy like Corey, saw the beautiful Waikiki Beach, bought lotsa stuffs…etc. Wow!! Time really passes by so fast!! I don’t know when will be the next time I’ll come back here or whether I would ever come back to Hawaii again. This place has given me very nice memories and I guess I’ll never forget every single moment that I’ve experienced in this entire trip!! Mahalo!!


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