Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally...some updates!!

Wow…it has been quite some time since my last update!! Since coming back to KL from Penang, many things have been going on within these 3 weeks and schedule has been pretty tight for me. Looking back, it was like a rollercoaster…fun-filled and exciting!
Just came back from the ACCA Student Conference in Port finally!!!

Here are some of the photos of what I've been up with...

June 25 – Pre-departure Orientation at MACEE…
June 27 - Went to P&G for PST test.
June 27 - Met up with friends at Old Town.
June 30 – Went to P&G for interview.
July 1 – Went to US embassy with all UGRAD grantees
July 2 – Surprise farewell dinner with classmates
July 7-10 – P&G Business Challenge @ Impiana Hotel
July 12-13 – 2008 Annual Student Conference @ Port Dickson

Met up with Dr James, Executive Director of MACEE & Ms Kalis, person-in-charge of arranging our trip to US.
With all UGRAD grantees at the pre-departure orientation

'Date' with the principal regarding the UGRAD programme.

Met up with friends at Old Town.
Went to P&G for interview.

Went to US embassy with all UGRAD grantees

Megat & YuHan is in US already!!

Surprise farewell with group 4 classmates...


Anonymous said...


Nah... gp 4 isnt that cruel people... haha... still got a farewell for u... hehe

~R3n3e~ said...

yalo,v nt so cruel!!

kim~~~ said...

for sure we have sth for u jus tht we did it surprisely!take care over there n don forget our promise. pictures with our presents!