Monday, August 18, 2008

Late Greetings from Alabama!!!

Hey peeps!!! I’m back yo!!! I know…I should have updated my blog earlier on…but…sorry larr…I was waiting to get internet in my room…argh! It has been more than a week since I departed from M’sia and so far, things have been going on pretty good and I’ve met lotsa new friends!

I got my air tickets from Ms Kalis last Thursday and realized that my itinerary has been changed…I’ll have one more transit…KL-Singapore-Tokyo-LA-Denver-Huntsville…wow!! The entire journey was really…looooonng!!! Altogether was about 50 hours! Too bad I spent my 080808 in either airplane or airports! This was the first time that I travelled alone and well, it has been quite an adventurous journey. I had to ‘tour’ around Changi Airport because of the baggage problem and also missed the flight to Huntsville due to the flight delay in LA. Luckily, the transits in other airports were alright. During the journey, I also stayed in 2 transit hotels…haha!!

Spent the entire 080808 in the airplane!!!

Different flights throughout my journey

'Touring' around Changi airport because of the baggage problem...haha!!

Transit hotel in Changi Airport....nice!!!

Stuck in Denver...but that was one thing least had a good rest!!!

I finally reached Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday afternoon and saw the University of Alabama in Huntsville. From the moment I landed till now, Anita and other international office staffs have been a great help. I liked the residence hall and my suite very much coz it is new, clean and nice!! The environment around the university is also very nice with trees everywhere. I’ve met quite a lot of friends from other countries such as Hong Kong(Fiona), Turkmenistan(Sabina), Kazakhstan(Aina), Kyrgyzstan(Emil), Moldova(Cristina), Serbia(Ivana, Dragan & Aleksandar), Costa Rica(Melissa), Dominican Republic(Mariel), Guatemala(Jose), Myanmar(Htet), China(YiHeng), Mongolia(Uyanga), Georgia(Veronica), India(Ragav), Brazil(Daniel, Daniela & Debora) and Paraguay(Sam). All international students arrived last week and we had been spending the entire week together. We all came from different countries with different culture...different language...but itz amazing how we all bonded so well together within a few days!! Besides, I’ve also met my American suite mate, Anna and Danielle!!

Upon arrival in front of my dorm

My room and the TV room (plasma TV)...AWESOME!!

The international office gave all new international students a free trip to Nasa Space & Rocket Center last Sunday. It was quite an interesting experience for me coz it was my first time seeing rockets! We’ve also had our international orientation and I’ve also registered for my classes. I’ll be taking 4 subjects this semester. Apart from that, we went to Wal Mart and also bowling. There have been quite a lot of activities going on throughout the week before classes start next Monday. Will talk about it in the next post...haha!!

Haha…enough of words…photos speak better than words! But...I'm still workin' on them...will post more photos up soon!

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Hey...nice one...i got another serbian fren oso wif the name of Ivana!

Catch up wif u soon...sis...