Friday, March 6, 2009

2 Weeks of Craziness.....

Last 2 weeks had been like rollercoaster...busy, stressed, tired & least there's still one positive word...haha!! I hate it when everything comes all at once and whenever I am free...there's nothing goin' on. I haven’t had much time to update my blog coz it seems like there’s always something else to do...and when I have time...I’ll watch dramas & entertainment show online instead...

20-22 Feb 2009 (Fri-Sun):

The Office of International Programs & Services organized a New Orleans trip for all sponsored students. I've thought about going to N.O. before this and when I received the email about this trip, I looked at my calendar...saw that I have midterms after that weekend...then thought...nahh...I don't care...I'm definitely in for this. Plus...itz gonna be Mardi Gras weekend & all we have to pay is $30 for everthing...meals, transportation & accomodation...that's juz too good to resist...hehe!! :p

From UAH to New Orleans

On Friday afternoon, 15 of us departed to N.O. in a van & a car. The journey was about 8 hours & I was 'supposed' to study Forensic Accounting along the journey. I had coffee to keep me awake but the book was doin' such a 'great' job putting me to sleep. Uyanga was laughing at me when the thick book fell off my lap and landed loud on the floor....ooopss!! Well...I've read through those 9 chapters so it was actually my 2nd time reading I'm not lazy okay:p We had dinner at McCalister and finally arrived Ramada Inn hotel around 10pm.

Dinner at McCalister

The next morning, we reached French Quarter around 10am and our first stop was Cafe Du Monde. This cafe is pretty famous and it was packed with customers when we got there. We had to queue for about 20min juz to get a takeout. They are known for beignets & coffee and that’s what I got. We then watched some street performers doin’ some stunts while enjoying our yummylicious b’fast. Uyanga & I spent the day walking around French Quarter and of course took lotsa usual...haha!! We also spent some time chillin’ & relaxing at the river bank along Mississippi River. There were parades goin’ on all day and it was pretty interesting coz people will throw beads from the floats and people like us who were watching the parade along the streets will try to grab as many as we can. That was pretty fun! After dinner, we ‘accidentally’ got on the street with all the bars and gosh...the whole street was like a huge bar filled with people and we could hardly move. It was kinda scary but ‘interesting’ to see people getting drunk and some ‘flashing’ on the streets to get beads...hehe! least I got to see some Mardi Gras craziness.

That’s all for our N.O. Mardi Gras trip...pretty short but interesting. Glad that OIPS gave all of us sponsored students the chance to travel together before we leave in May.

Street Performance

Walking around French Quater

Chillin' and 'posing' along Mississippi River

First Parade...with our goodies...hehe!! :)

2nd Parade: Endymion

Leavin' New Orleans...

Stopped by beautiful Gulf Port along the way back

Mexican food for lunch
23-27 Feb 2009 (Mon-Fri):
This week was my supa-dupa busy week. 3 midterms, 3 music tech projects & 1 assignment due...all in one week...wth!! I started studying a week earlier but didn’t get much studying done over the weekend since I was travelling. I was really stressed, tired & worried that I might not be able to finish everything on time.

Worse still...on top of all that...I had a bad infection and had to go to the hospital for a minor surgery...what ‘luck’!! Anna brought me to the ER on Tues night and the doctor had to cut my infection area & squeeze out the pus...then squashed a strip of cotton into the hurtsss soooo freakin’ bad!! I’m glad that the wound is getting better, juz that I’ve still gotta go for follow-up every 2 days.

I’ve got my midterm results and I’m glad that I made A for all 5 classes. I could have done better but I’m satisfied with what I got considering that I have been travelling both weekends between exams.

At Crestwood ER...thanks Anna for bringing me there! I had pics of my wound but not a good idea to put it here...haha!!
27-28 Feb 2009 (Fri-Sat):
ACE organized a FREE ski trip to Gatlinburg and it is only limited to the first 150 students who sign up. Ski trip...for FREEEE?? And we only need to pay for meals?? This is such an awesome deal...of course I couldn’t miss it. So...Uyanga & I went about an hour earlier on sign up day to make sure we get a place...haha!! I was worried that I couldn’t make it for the trip due to my wound but since the doctor said it’s alright to ski...I definitely didn’t wanna miss this chance.

From UAH to Gatlinburg...see my book?? Haha...i was studying while others was so 'focused' watching movie!!

All of us gathered at the University Center with our luggages and departed to Gatlinburg in 3 buses on Friday a’noon. The journey took about 6 hours and I spent most of my time studying and falling asleep...hehe! We reached our hotel at about 8.30pm, dropped our things and went out immediately to ‘hunt’ for dinner coz we were all starving. Gatlinburg is a small town but it was really nice walking at night. There was a street with all individual rides and there were still Christmas was like an entire amusement park along both sides of the streets. Most of the buildings were made of wood and looked very pretty. About 12 of us went for dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co. After dinner, we just walked along the streets while Ice, Thy & Sammie was flipping & doing some stunts along the way. They were all really hyper so it was fun hanging out with them.

Having fun on the streets of Gatlinburg

Walking around Gatlinburg town...nice & fun!! :)

We left our hotel at 7am the next morning and headed to Ober Gatlinburg ski resort. We took a tram to the ski resort, got our gears and hit the slopes. I’ve only had the chance to attend ski school in Korea so this was really my first time skiing. Miyuki and I took the ski lift up to the easy slope and guess what...I fell on my first attempt coming down the slope and hurt my fingers coz I forgot to wear my gloves...what a ‘great’ start...haha!! I almost forgot what I learnt 3 years ago so Miyuki had to help me refresh my memory. I got better skiing down the easy slope so we decided to go for the ‘more difficult’ slopes. The slopes were much steeper and it was kinda dangerous coz it was hard to stop since they had artificial snow (which was mostly ice) I ‘successfully’ tumbled & fell about 4 times going down that entire slope...phewww!! :p But overall, I skied well I guess...especially as a beginner...haha!! Plus, it was raining most of the time and I had to worry about my new camera...and try not to injure myself, so was wary all time. :(

We were all soaked at the end of the day and since we can’t take shower...we just changed into our dry clothes and left Gatlinburg at 6pm back to Huntsville. Even though it was quite a short trip...I’m happy and enjoyed least got to ski before going back home...hehe!! :)

One and only short video clip of me in action...too busy skiing till forgot to take more videos...arghh!!

2-8 March 2009 (Mon-Sun):
I had my midterm for Competitive Strategy on Tuesday. I skipped class when I went to the hospital so had to catch up and luckily Jonathan sent all the notes to me and helped me prepare for exam. I also didn’t get to study much over the weekend...oopss! But I did good on this exam...yeah!!

Snowing in Huntsville on 1st of March...niceeee!!

It was Anna’s birthday on Tuesday, 3 March. Her mom came over to the dorm with a huge cookie cake in the morning and I helped her decorate Anna’s door. Anna had to go to the doctor coz of an infection on her face and very ‘sui’...she kena the same infection as mine and the doctor had to squeeze out the pus from her infection. Cham lar...why so ‘sui’...sumore on her bday...I feel bad lo...didn’t know it was contagious. We were supposed to go out for dinner on Wednesday but she didn’t feel well so Uyanga & I went to their house for spaghetti dinner. The dinner was yummy...but the mood was kinda drowsy coz Anna was feeling well...Uyanga was also sick...and my wound was recovering...haizzz...unlucky lar..

Roomie's 19th Birthday...Happy Birthday Anna!! :)

All my midterms and projects are finally done so I could finally relax a bit. But I was still busy getting all the documentations done for World Learning....lotsa paper work to submit and had to prepare for our cultural performance during the workshop in DC. I also got started working on my projects for 3 classes hoping that I can get things done earlier. I have completely no idea about Flash and I have to create a Flash project...gosh...working on it is really freakin’ me out!!

Chillaxing over the weekend...finally!!

I didn’t do anything much over the weekend...just relaxed and chilled coz had been travelling the past 2 weekends....need a break this week. I also went for the Homeshow with Anna & Donna on Saturday coz All Seasons was also one of the companies at the event.

9-11 March 2009 (Mon-Wed)
I have exactly 2 more months in the US...will be flying back on May 10. It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been here for 7 months didn’t feel that long though. I’ve been enjoying every moment here and met so many amazing friends. We’re all kinda counting down already and it’s gonna be very sad when it’s time to say goodbye. Life here have been great and I wanna enjoy this last 2 months to the fullest!!

I’ll be going up to New York & DC...again...for Spring break next week....haha!! I’m sure itz gonna b fun...looking forward to the World Learning workshop in DC!! Woohoo~!!! :)

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~Live Life~ said...

Finally finished reading your blog...

Past few weeks or yours were definitely full of fun and also pain...

Were that your friends who were jumping over from the brink of the walls?

Kinda cool! But dangerous too...

Nice shots at the river bank too...

Take care in everything and we will have a great time New York and DC...