Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time Flies...

20 June 2009: ShuLing's 22nd B'day & Gathering with High School Classmates

Wow...one more year passed by already?!?! I was looking back at my older blog posts and realized that our last high school gathering was exactly a year ago! Phaik San asked me about organizing a gathering again this year, and since Shu Ling was having her birthday party back in Penang...we decided to meet up at her house...'killing two birds with one stone'...for 'busy' and lazy people like me...hehehe!! :p

5C1 pretty gals...hehe!! :p

It has been 5 years since we graduated from Jit Sin High School...time flies!! So far we've managed to organize a gathering at least once a year...but the number of people had never exceeded 10...and it's always all gals...haha!! Don't get me wrong...Jit Sin is a co-ed school...but coz I was in commerce class....there were only '3 musketeers' out of 41 students in our class!

Clockwise from left: Yong Shi, Pei Leng, Ying Hui, Shu Ling, & Phaik San

Only 6 of us met up this time around but we all had a good time catching up. Shu Ling came back from University of Southern California about a month ago...she's studying business in NUS but went to US for a semester of exchange. We both had the same experience so talked a lot about life in US...brought back lotsa nice memories in US. Yong Shi came back from London just in time for the party...she's studying in the best university among us all...majoring in economics in UCL...cool huh!! Phaik San...one of my besties in high school...studying law in UM...future lawyer...she's still as sweet as usual...hehe!! Ying Hui & Pei Leng...both studying accountancy in UM...they are both interning in EY now.

Compare & contrast...OMG...5 years!!

Of course, how can I miss out mentioning about the 'Americanized' girl's big day! She 'imported' the drinking+party culture from US...haha!! She still managed to retain her 'ang moh'-tized characteristics. As compared to me, even though I was there for a year...I was 'Malaysianized' pretty fast by people in TAR College...haha!! Most of us didn't drink so itz still not as crazy as the parties in US. Anyway, all of us had lotsa fun that night...thanks Shu Ling for being a great host! :)

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