Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gimme A Break~~~'s time for our 1 week's break!! Hadn't had time to update my blog coz was busy preparing for progress test. We're taking 3 ACCA subjects this semester...3 only sounds pretty easy huh...but in's damn tough!! Well...despite all the preparation that I've done for the was still a disaster. Juz hoping that the outcome will be alright. I guess I haven't been putting enough effort earlier on...this test is definitely a wake up call for me to start working harder before the final exams end of Sept.

Comin' back after a year, I'm feeling more pressure to do well this year. Reason being, some people including my lecturers know that I went to the US for a year under the UGRAD scholarship and are expecting me to do better. I didn't want many people to know about this coz I don't want them to have high expectations on me. I'm not even confident that I can do well...i'm gonna feel awful if I can't live up to my own and others' expectations. :( Besides, I have a higher stake of RM10,000...can't afford to fail any internal papers!

Me, Rachel, and 3 new UGRADers from TAR College (GinSeng, Anna, & Poh Suan) met with the college principal, vice-principals, head of business school, etc after exam to share about our UGRAD experiences. I don't know when our write-up will be published in the college then...even more people will know...that means more pressure....arghh!! :(

The semester has been goin on for 8 weeks and so far it hasn't been easy...apart from attending classes...most of the 'free' time had been spent studying and doing tutorials. And when we're bored...we'll start taking crazy pictures...haha!! :p

It's pretty nice to sit at the last row in the lecture hall...and get distracted by taking pics...haha!!

Library is a good place to study....or sleeeeep???

This is my small little corner in the room where I spend most of my time (study, online, eat, sleep). When it comes to tests, things go crazy and I needed another table to put all my books and notes!

4 of us 'hijacked' Ms Geh's car to go out for lunch...haha...very daring huh!! This wasn't my idea of course...Joshua, Rachel, & Shalinni wanted to eat out...I was just the driver...hehe!! :p

We came to this place called Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa for 'Teh Tarik' & 'Nasi Lemak'...pretty good combination.

It's fun hanging out with 3 of them...good way to de-stress...hehe!! :p


shuling said...

Wow, so it's your sem break and i still haven't got back to school...
LOL said...

Not sem break yet ler...only mid-term break nia...half dead already...haha!! When r u goin back to school?

~Live Life~ said...

Best best buddies horr u all?? in crime hijacking lecturer's car to go out for lunch?!??!?!

Don't camwhore in class and library...haha!

Welcome back to "hell" after ur sem break...wakakaka...evil grin...

Anyway, good luck to u la!! Take it easy...remember to destress... said...

Both of us 'old ladies' ma...don't know the juniors so hav to form our own 'old ladies' group lo...hehe!!

Yea...students nowadays very 'hiong' 1...can hijack lecturer's car...yeng hor??

Rachel la...camwhore...haha!!