Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bits & Pieces...Life in Sheffield's weekend! :) It's been almost a month since I got's really flying by fast!! So far life in Sheffield has been here is pretty laid back maybe coz it's summer & everyone's on holiday mood! :)

Juz realised that I haven't been taking a lot of pictures 'ohm' I guess? Besides, I didn't do much after Ireland's trip...spent most of the time enjoying dorm life with my flatmates...yea I'm a homey...haha! :p Been busy catching up with studies & weekly assignments over the weekends...hoping to get good results so can't be all play no work. Blame myself for being too efficient to draw out this timetable so early...made me realise how 'much' time I've got before the semester ends. :(

Oh btw...I very 'beh pai seh'-ly volunteered to be course/student rep..."once a course rep forever course rep" right?? *slappp* There are a total of 35 reps for all courses in this summer school and we'll all get to meet Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting & Tarc delegates when they come over here end of this month. :) I've also signed up for 2 volunteering projects here...'Kelham Island & Watercolour Wednesday'...should be pretty interesting. ;)

A lot of Tarcians here have been going on weekend trips over the past 2 weeks...Cambridge, Stonehenge, Whitby...told ya it's filled with summer holiday mood here!! And my fb news feed has been filled with 'Whitby' photo albums!! =.= Guess what's the most interesting part about the Whitby trip? "Tarcians Invasion" as described by Denzil...haha!! Coz a total of 11 buses of Tarcians went on this your own calculation...11x45...we're definitely boosting the tourism industry here! :p The 2 tour agents here are also making big money this summer I reckon.

As for me, I'm saving up for bigger trips...can't afford to spend money like 'water' here especially when everything is 5 times more expensive. =.= Besides, I'm up for adventure...prefer to plan my own trips, meet people, learn & explore...that's much more interesting isn't it...hehe! :p But I ain't backpacking for Europe coz it's gonna be too tiring and time consuming, booked myself a 16days Europe tour & gonna be travelling with ppl from different it's gonna be awesomeee! :)

Wanna know more about my life in SHU? Here are some 'not-so-artistic' pictures...

On our way to class. Walking has become such a major part of my life here coz gotta walk wherever I go...I'm definitely fully utilizing my sneakers this summer. :p

Lectures & seminars. Classes are pretty much the same as in Tarc...the only difference is the one talking in front. :p We usually take the front row (VIP) seat coz Josh needs more leg space...haha!!

The 'not-so-glam' library entrance...interior is much better. I've been spending time in the lib every Fridays during the gap btwn classes.

Lunch time at Chef Hallam. Lotsa international students doing summer courses in SHU this summer...of course majority is still tarcians.

My assignment group mates for the first 3 weeks.

Went grocery shopping last Monday morning and saw so many of old people around. Mon morning better time to shop? Caught someone looking at microwave meal for lazy ppl...haha!!

Microwave chinese cuisines!

Life in flat 51...the kitchen is our hang out area. Our fridge is running out of space coz everyone's enjoying groceries shopping! :)

Being away from home is the best time to more's an example of what you can learn here...haha!! :p

I've been cooking a lot since I came here...almost every meals. I don't eat a lot and not very particular about food so I can just survive with simple in veggie, rice, & chicken...balanced & healthy diet...hehe! :p I'm being thrifty with food coz I'd rather spend on traveling. I actually spend less than £8 per week on food...trying to break my own record...haha!! Some people may think that the way I eat is 'cheap', but well...different ppl have different preferences. I try to save as much as I can coz coming here for 3 months do cost a lot for my parents. Luckily I'm not a shopaholic or foodie...if not I'll be spending on branded stuffs and seeing £ as RM.

I was contemplating whether or not to post pics of my food...hope it doesn't look too bad. :p

I guess I'm a lil' too bored to start taking pics of my bathroom...haha!! I noticed all the flush toilet here have this 'cupboard' thing behind to hide the tank...wonder why...isn't it difficult to repair? When I first came I really thought it was a cupboard...blonde! The shower cubicle pic is meant for Anna & Daniel to compare with UAH' u know what's called small!! (Guess where I took the 2nd pic from?)

Another interesting thing about the washrooms here...the very 'smart' sink with 2 taps. One is very hot, one is very choose either to burn or numb your hand. =.= See that yellow sign on the left pic? "CAUTION VERY HOT WATER!"...thanks for informing...then what's the purpose of the hot tap? To make coffee??

So to solve this 'very hot & very cold' problem...I've got an idea...
Taadaaa...problem solved!!! :)
But...wait a minute...I can't brush my teeth like that!!! =.=

So whatelse about life here...

We've got fast internet in our dorms...and you know exactly what happens when M'sian students get fast internet right? PPS-ing & dl cukup cukup...I'm surprised they're not as strict about dl here as compared to the States. I don't really watch a lot of shows here but my lappie will be on all day and I guess that's why I'm getting a lil' bored of fb already.

Weather here is so unpredictable...was cold when we first arrived...then warm for a week...then cold again for few it's warming up again. Isn't it summer?? I happily wore shorts & flippers to Sainsbury last monday and almost turned into a popsicle...arghh!! Was cold the next few days and so decided to wear long sleeve to class on Fri...mana tau it was hot...was sweating like crazy on my way back! =.=

Alrite...that's all for now...time to do homework. :(

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