Sunday, July 24, 2011

Training in Singapore

18-20 July 2011 (Mon-Wed): Dell-APJ Training @ PwC Singapore
Back to work again after 'resting' for 11 days (5D Hanoi + 4D KL + 2D rest). The original plan was to have a week-long training in Singapore but it was shortened to 2 days to cut cost...well better than none. :p Besides, it's very rare that we get the chance to travel outside M'sia for training so I have no complains at all. =)  

Stayed at Ibis room for myself. =) The hotel was pretty conveniently located near Bugis Street and Bugis Junction.

Jap food for first night's dinner at Itacho Sushi...Oyishi! 

Penang's Dell team missing Ali, BC & Jennifer.

PwC Singapore...spent most of our time in sg here. We had 3 trainers...Brian & Mark who came all the way from the States and our Dell-APJ partner.

Even our lunch was ordered in...1st day Quiznos & 2nd day Berg...the angmoh type of lunch...cannot tahan if I have to makan roti for lunch everyday. =.=

The highlight for this trip is makan! James & Sheena brought us to Melben Crab at AngMoKio. The crab bee hoon (top left pic) was super yummilicious...very tasty soup!! Thanks to J & S for the treat! =)

 Before...After...what a mess!!

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