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Dayout At the 'Peak' Before the 'Peak'

3 Dec 2011 (Sat): Teambuilding dayout at the 'Peak' before the 'Peak'
Our firm organized a dayout at Penang Hill before the super peak begins in January. Ironically, we managed to link these two 'peaks'! It's been ages since the last time I went up to Penang Hill...I could only vaguely remember that I was just a kiddo back then and the weather used to be chilly up there. :p Even though I keep emphasising that auditors aren't boring bunch of people, I can't deny the fact that quite a lot of people in our office are not big fan of outdoor activities, so it definitely ain't easy getting everyone to join us for this dayout. We were glad that almost half of them attended, better still almost all the bosses came, leading by example huh...hehe! :p Credits to XinYi for being our photographer of the day. Thanks for capturing these golden moments! =)

The first batch of committees and participants who arrived early took the 8am train uphill. The journey was supposed to take only 5 minutes but there were several stops along the way. 

Thanks to some participants who arrived earlier and helped us carry our 'props'. :p The 'healthy' group of guys (including both our partners) started their 2km walk from the train station to the bungalow. 

While the rest of us 'lazy bums' took the buggies instead...hahaha! :p 

Finally arrived at the bungalow...Nature Lodge.

There's reason why we 'committees' had to arrive earlier and take the buggies instead of walking...coz we had to prepare for the first teambuilding activity la. :p

First things picture for all 5 teams and the committees. =) They were asked to come up with their own team name and guess what we had...Team Apple, Team Shake Shake Shake, Team Pau Nya, Team Pau Ka Liao, and Team Warriors.

Getting creative and coming up with team cheers. :p
Game 1: Minefield. This game was supposed to be more challenging but our blindfold weren't good. :p The next time we have blindfold game...imma use goggles instead...haha! 

Game 2: Put Yourself in Others' Shoes. Haha...literally yes...we actually put everyone in others' shoes! =) Each person will have to take turns to find another team members' shoe.

Looks like they were buying shoes from Lorong!!

Next game...guess what were they trying to do with all those raffias? :p 

Answer is...Game 3: Toxic Waste. The task is to get the pail filled with water out from the toxic zone using just raffia and a hook. It was my idea to put all the pails in the same area just to make it tougher and messier...haha!!

At first, we were worried that we would overrun but we finished the third game well ahead of time. We took a short break after being out in the sun for quite some time.

Game 4: Hands, Legs, Butts. Time for MORE 'bonding'...haha!! Everyone else was having a good time watching other teams perform their 'stunt'.

Game 5: Face Your Food. I'm sure many people have seen this game from TV...this game was purely for laughters...hahaha!! Lucky us committees who didn't have to play this and avoided having our 'face-cramps' pictures captured. :p

Time to head back indoor for lunch and rest some before continuing our activities. 

One of the managers brought her son along. He was a busy kid that day coz everyone of us took turns to play with him...haha!

Game 6: Break the Code. After all the physical games, it was time for some brain-game. This was a numbers + alphabets game...very suitable for! Proud of myself for coming up with this game...thanks to all the committees for helping to coordinate as well. =) Here's an example of one of the questions: Mississippi = 9, Morocco = 15, Alaska = 1, Alabama = ?

Game 7: Pass the Message. The message was funny and it was about! 

The original message was totally 'distorted' by the time it was passed to the last person. Was hilarious listening to each versions of the 'banana' can see it from the expressions of all the participants...priceless!! =)

Game 8: Build Your Shelter. Last game of the day to unleash the creativity of auditors. Time for us to sit back and relax while the participants to work on their 'projects'. =)

Tadaa...mission accomplished!!

And last but not least...the winner for this Penang Hill teambuilding dayout is....Pau Nya!!!

"I see countless happy faces while taking the photos! We, SRC members, are really grateful for the support given by everyone. Although some were unable to join us, we hope you can next round. Thanks! XD" - XinYi Lee

Million thanks to all the committees for all your support, hard work, and effort for making this event possible. Ain't easy planning and pulling everything off within 3 weeks. Awesome job guys!! 

Bird's-eye view of Penang Island from the peak of Penang Hill.

Sincere thanks to everyone for making our first event a success. =)

26 Nov 2011 (Sat): MICPASS Dinner @ Parkroyal Hotel

This dinner marked the closing of 2011 MICPASS inter-firm games. 

Receiving my Best Female Hiker trophy. =)

Thanks to all you awesome peeps for all the fun and excitement throughout the MICPASS games. =)

By the way, I've got a brand new lappie for of the few good things about being in Dell team...haha! :p

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