Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Year Late...

If anyone noticed, I've just changed my blog layout after 5 longer pinky but everything else remains the same. :p Anyway, I was just chatting with a friend on fb who stumbled upon my blog 4 years ago and was interested in my US experiences so I gave her some advise about the ugrad program back then. Well, we didn't know each other before this and I was purely sharing some ugrad experiences and information with her at that time. Then last September, she saw me and bro in the AXN advertisement on TV and it reminded her about this ugrad program. She went ahead to apply for it and now she got the scholarship! It's pretty amazing how something that I said 4 years ago and my not-so-popular-blog could actually inspire someone out there! =p 

Talking about the AXN big challenge, I was doing something for work and remembered about this article that was published in our company's magazine last January. A lil' late but here you go. =p

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