Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Month to Remember...April 2012

April 2012...a month of turning dreams into reality...a month of adventures...a month of eat+sleep+rest+travel+race...a month of achieving crazy 'records'. =P In the effort to remember this memorable month, here's a list of crazy things we did/'records' achieved in April 2012. Also some of the 'souvenirs' that we brought back from the race. =P 

1. Most cabs I've ever taken within a month

Compilation of all the cabs that we took during the!! Fortunately, most of the cab drivers that we had were really nice. =)

I was digging through the stuff that we brought back from the race and found these 'faded' cab!! Can't believe we actually kept all these!! =P

2. Most hotels stayed within a month

14 hotels in a month...average 2 nights per hotel. =P I didn't have my camera with me during the race so I came back and looked up all these hotels on google...haha!! =P

 富驿酒店 Furuma Xpress Nanjing East          上海24K国际连锁酒店 24K International Hotel
 皇城相府贵宾楼 Xiangfu Grand Hotel            绥芬河数码港酒店 Suifenhe Shumagang Hotel
 吉林延边白山大厦 Yanbian Baishan Hotel      平湖景江宾馆 Pinghu Jinjiang Inn
 莫干山皇后饭店 Moganshan Queen's Hotel     黄山心族之旅酒店 Huangshan Mountain Hotel
 莫泰168南京 Nanjing Motel 168                   萬里仙境溫泉會館 Wanli Spa & Resort
 淡水亞太飯店 Asia Pacific Hotel                   伊樂園大飯店 Paradise Hotel
 成都宇豪·罗曼大酒店 Luoman Grand Hotel    上海锦江之星 Jinjiang Inn Shanghai

3. Most flights taken within a month

Some of the boarding pass that I kept. We traveled quite a lot by bus though.

4. Most I've slept in the last few years
5. Most TV I've watched in a month
6. Most packing I've done in a month
7. Longest I survived without internet/computer

Since we weren't allowed to use internet/computer throughout the race, there was nothing much we could do when we were not racing. We just bummed in the hotel, slept a lot (at any time of the day), watched TV (we were so bored to the extent that we started watching Thai dramas), hand-washed & used hair-dryer to dry our clothes, and was constantly packing and unpacking our backpacks. 

8. Most sewing I've ever done

We purposely bought these 3 plain t-shirts from Uniqlo for the race. These t-shirts are actually guys cutting but guess what I did while bumming in the hotel, I requested for about 10 packets of sewing kit and started sewing the inner-side of my t-shirts so that they fit me better...not bad!!!

9. Nerdy things we did during the race

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We had no google map but wanted to have an idea of which part of China we were heading to during the race so this was my version of 'Google map placemarks'...hahaha!! =P 

We had a notebook to document about the race (just in case we made it to the finals). =P And our own version of Wikipedia's team ranking...we are such!!!

10. Priceless Souvenir

We kept all the clues & envelopes that we received throughout the race and carried all of them in bro's backpack as we raced. This is a complete set from Leg 1 to Leg 8. =P


Diana Diane Teo said...

One thing I impressed was you remembered all the hotel you stayed thought out the race.

~LiYinism~ said...

I just wanna say again - YOU ARE REALLY INSPIRING KHAI SHING!!! :) x