Friday, July 12, 2013

Malaysian UGRADers Reunited

21 June 2013: 50th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Malaysia @ Royale Chulan Hotel

Quick update before I travel to no-blogger-land for the next 10 days. I made a quick weekend trip down to KL 2 weeks ago to attend this event. It's been awhile since I attended any events organized by the US Embassy or MACEE so this was a good chance to meet up with all the UGRAD alumni. 

The dinner was on a Friday evening so I was in a mad rush after work to get from Penang to Royale Chulan Hotel within 3 hours. The flight delay and Friday rush hour traffic definitely didn't help with the situation so this was how my evening started: Flight from Penang to LCCT - bus to KLIA - KLIA express to KL Sentral - monorial to Raja Chulan station - bro picked me up - arrived the hotel the same time as the ambassador. =P

6 generations of Malaysian Global UGRADers with U.S. Ambassador Paul Jones. =)

2008-2009: Khai Sheng, Khai Shing
2009-2010: Sean, Yeong Ru, Eng Hwa
2010-2011: Choon Sian, Shi Ee, Zao Lon, Yu Fen, Yin Yee, Ryan, Kubeehran
2011-2012: Christine, Nasha, Wilson, Amirul, Kimberly, Wei Jiet
2012-2013: Kalai, Carolyn, Cayenne, Kai Shen 
2013-2014: Hong Khai, Marcuz, Farah

Catch-up and non-stop photo session with the Global UGRAD peeps. This was by far the gathering with the most number of Malaysian UGRADers! =) Can't believe it's been 5 years since I embarked on my UGRAD journey and it's now the 6th batch already...time flies!!

It's interesting how our paths crossed because of this exchange program. Here's how Cayenne (right pic) and I 'met' - "Never expect talking to a stranger on MSN 6 years ago would give me a chance to study abroad in US. Thanks for your words and advice that you gave me when I was 16, which completely change my perception towards life." - Cayenne Lai


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