Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's Snowing!!!

25 Feb 2015 (Wed): Snow Day
Just as I thought winter was gonna be over soon, we encountered snowmageddon here 2 weeks ago. It rarely snows in the South and when it does, almost everything shuts down. Fortunately, our team wrapped up our work the night before so it was the perfect time to stay home, chill and enjoy the snow. :) 

It started snowing around 4pm and didn't stop until the night. Huntsville recorded 8.1 inches of snowfall, making it the second-snowiest day in the city's history. :P 

Gotta get out to experience the snow coz it was probably the only snow we're getting this winter. =)

Entire neighborhood buried in snow!!

Since there was so much snow, I decided to attempt making a snow man. Apparently I wasn't very good in it and made this creepy little snow man with long!! 

Woke up to this scenery at our backyard the next pretty!!

1 March 2015 (Sun): Celebrated Anna's birthday at Connor's and Red Robin.

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