Saturday, February 27, 2016

6th Busy Season

Can't believe that it's been 8 weeks since we got back from Europe and the first 2 months of 2016 flew by just like that. Oh well, this is my 6th busy season and it's pretty much the same routine year over year, just work, eat, sleep. Anyway, my 1st round of busy season was just over, and before the 2nd round begins next week, here's a quick update of my Jan & Feb. 

Busy season means working late and eating dinner at work. =)

Jan 22 (Fri): First snow of the year! Too bad it was a Friday so no off day from work. 
Looks so much prettier the next morning with blue skies.

Jan 23 (Sat): Yoga class was cancelled due to snow so I decided to 'document' these as a self reminder to stay flexible and fit for many more years to come. 

Feb 7 (Sun): Woke up at 5am to 'join' the family for CNY reunion dinner (without food) via Skype. Glad to see everyone gathered together back home. =) Unfortunately, there's no celebration and to compensate for it, I requested for PF Changs for dinner at work. =P

Missin' out on CNY routine with family and relatives.

Feb 7 (Sun): Time to start seeding indoor for gardening season in the Spring. Unfortunately, the seeds hasn't been germinating as well as last Fall, hopefully we'll get more coming up soon.

A lil' token of appreciation for busy season from the firm.

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