Sunday, March 12, 2017

7th Busy Season

It's already March and I'm only updating my first post in 2017, shows how busy this busy season had been for me. =.= As usual, same old routine of eat, work, sleep every busy season. This year's busy season will go on till end of April for me, definitely a long marathon but at least the 1st half is over. Here's a quick update before things get crazy again.

Overtime not to gain weight during busy season? :P

Before and after filing. Spent some time cleaning out our office as we'll be moving out of this room after this busy season. 3 busy seasons in this office flew by just like that!

Homemade 'turkutteh', jajangmyun and teriyaki chicken. :)

Jan 27 (Fri): 'Joined' the family for CNY reunion dinner virtually again this year. 

Decided to cook something different for our own CNY dinner. Pineapple fried rice, seafood tomyum soup, and garlic mushroom bok choy. 

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