Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Busy Season Continues...Part 3

I have only one word to describe March and April...WORK, WORK WORK! Busy season this year is pretty much similar to last year, lots of traveling but flight travel was replaced with road travel this time around. As soon as I wrapped up the job in town at the end of February, hopped on a plane to Texas and Ohio for 2 weeks, followed by 8 consecutive weeks of driving back and forth to Atlanta, with no break at all in between. Not a fan of road travel for work, and spending at least 8 hours driving each week while gaining an hour on Fridays and losing one on Sundays ain't fun. Glad that it's finally over! =) As boring as work life has been, I did some random things to keep my work-travel life interesting. 

Hotel hopping - Marriott Perimeter Center, SpringHill Suites Alpharetta, Fairfield Inn & Suites Alpharetta, Westin Perimeter North, Sheraton Perimeter North, Le Meridien Perimeter.

Not too fancy with food...mainly room service, lounge food, and take-outs.

Things I do on my 1.5-day weekends...cook for the hubby...

...and gardening!! We're focusing on broccolis this year, hope they turn out well. Thanks to Donny for fixing up the nice fence for the garden. =)

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