Saturday, March 10, 2018

Winter 2017

I've been slacking with my blog updates, and I'll blame it on trying to keep up with two blogs during busy season. :P My monthly updates is slowly becoming quarterly! After two months of working crazy hours, things have finally slowed down a lil' at work. That means it's time to catch up on all the things that have been going on this winter.

Dec 14 (Thurs): Inclusion Council social at the brand new Top Golf at Birmingham

I rarely go to the office and was surprised to find out that Belk at the mall next to our office was closing down. Perfect timing as I had a $40 gift card and was planning to get a work boot anyway. Ended up spending $30 for all these. =P

Dec 24 (Sun): Christmas eve lunch

Followed by Christmas eve dinner at SIL's place.

Thanks to MIL for this thoughtful and awesome Christmas present!!

Dec 28 (Thurs): Our weekly grocery bill, minus one-off items.

My non-fancy meals, but at least healthy. =P 

Dec 31 (Sun): Drove down south to visit hubby's cousin in Mobile and celebrate New Year. Very nice of him to host us at The Battle House Renaissance Mobile.

Too bad weather wasn't nice so we spent the afternoon bar-hopping instead.

Thanks Luke for warm hospitality! 

Drove up to Birmingham to visit Daniel's game buddy on New Year's Day.

Jan 3-4 (Wed-Thurs): Traveled to Raleigh for my first work trip of the year, and was lucky that it snowed and the whole city pretty much shut down. However, my hotel was just across the street from work so I still walked over to work. =P

8th busy season...same routine of eat, work, sleep, and multiple 18-hr work days over the last 2 months.

Jan 16 (Tues): Snow day = work from home day!

Feb 17 (Sat): Missing out on another year of CNY with the family. 

Some Asian food to celebrate my sad CNY here. 

Naughty kiddos in the house. =P

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