Saturday, March 9, 2019

Winter 2018

Here we go again...another winter, another busy season. As mentioned in my previous post, this year's busy season started early and it's easily one of the sh*ttiest busy season I've had in 9 years, for various reasons. I try to stay positive about work but we faced so many adversities this year and there's only so much of 'human-created sh*t' that I have bandwidth to deal with. In this environment where the bar keeps being raised to an unrealistic level, I'm really starting to doubt the sustainability of this path.

Anyway, enough of work rant. Busy season is not over yet but I shall take some time to reclaim my 'life' back by doing something non-work-related (i.e. catch up on my blog). =)

Dec 6 (Thurs): Returned from our 2-week trip and got a panic-attack as soon as we got home when we realized that all of bro's online purchases were shown as 'delivered', but we didn't see anything on our front porch. Fortunately, our kind neighbor had been helping us to pick up the stuffs and brought over a full bag of boxes (like Santa) after we called him...phew!

Dec 24 (Mon): Christmas with the family. Thanks SIL and BIL for hosting!

Jan 20 & March 3: Birthday celebrations for BIL and SIL.

For all of January and February, almost all my awake hours were spent working...

Spent significantly more time with co-workers in the office than with hubby at home. I got home past midnight most nights and he was already asleep, so we only 'saw' each other on sad right? But looking on the positive side, at least this is only for few months out of the year, and we don't mind hustling and working hard while we can.

'Perks' of busy meals at work (so that we can work even more).

At least we were fed! 

We all know how bad it is to be sitting all day looking at the screens, and even eating in front of the computer. Attempted to get some exercise at the office gym but that lasted for only few weeks before things went sideways in February.

Despite the crazy work schedule, I'm proud to say that I stayed consistent with meal-prepping for hubby every Sunday. Simple but healthy. =P

Dec 9 & 16 (Sun): Stir-fry pork & veggies, fried rice with fry egg, mussels soup, egg sandwich.

Dec 22 & 30 (Sun): Chicken herbal soup, Hainanese chicken rice ball, stir-fry pork & veggies, fried rice with fry egg, Bak Kut Teh, egg sandwich.

Jan 6 & 13 (Sun): Mussels soup, tomato-tomyum pasta with stir-fried beef and veggies, rotisserie chicken, Campbell's wicked Thai soup.

Jan 20 & 27 (Sun): Fried rice, stir-fry veggies, fry egg, stir-fry noodles, stir-fry pork, chai boey, Campbell's chicken noodle soup.

Feb 3 & 9 (Sun): Alfredo sauce pasta with stir-fry veggies and sausage, rice with stir-fry pork and veggies.

Feb 17 & March 3 (Sun): Pan-fried potatoes with stir-fry veggies and sausage.

Retail therapy when work got too stressful...

Yes, we really bought a sloth from Walmart...for!! And my usual <$10 Uniqlo shopping when there's free shipping. =)

Planning trips and booking flights to curb burnout and keep me going during busy season. Booked a total of 3 trips for the year in January...with points & miles. =)

Random freebies from work - one for opting out early for office phone line, and another for doing a free physical health exam. =) I really like the bluetooth headphones.

Things I missed out on during busy season...

Niece and nephew were born on Jan 30, 2019. 2nd generation of Twincredibles. =P Such cutie pies! Little boy had to go through a surgery and was admitted to the ICU for the first 2 weeks but glad he's doing good now.

Officially aunt of 3 nieces and nephew. Looking forward to cuddle them in few months!

Feb 4 (Mon): Missing out on Chinese New Year but glad to see photos of the fam bam. =)

That's all for round one of busy season. Round two to be continued in next post...

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