Saturday, November 9, 2019

Asia Hopper 2019 ✈ Penang

Our 2019 home trip gave us the opportunity to hop through (and visit) 5 Asian cities within 2 weeks. Our itinerary consists of a mix of countries that I've already visited in the past but it was nice to revisit these places with hubby and MIL, and most importantly spend time with families!

Aug 31: Seoul
Aug 31 - Sept 7: Taipei
Sept 7 - Sept 8: Hong Kong 
Sept 8 - Sept 15: Penang
Sept 16: Tokyo 

One of our main stops during this Asia Hopper trip was none other than HOME! For the last few years, I've made it a point to travel home once a year. However, this year was an exception because I have just traveled back home 2 months ago, and this was my 2nd home trip for the year. This trip was relatively shorter than the 1st trip as we had already been traveling for a week and we have limited vacation days, unfortunately. I'm actually glad I got to travel home twice this year for various family members, birthday, wedding, illness...well spending time with family in general.

Sept 8 (Sun): Hong Kong - Singapore - KL - Penang

Instead of a 4-hour direct flight from Hong Kong to Penang, our journey took almost an entire day (12 hours), hopping through more airports and flights, before we finally made it to Penang at midnight! Don't judge what we ate upon arrival in KLIA...haha!

Sept 9-15 (Sun-Sun): Penang

The last time MIL visited Malaysia was 6 years ago (for our wedding) so it was nice for the family to see her again after so many years.

Same kiddo, different! Expectation vs. Reality. =P

Glad to play with these lil' munchkins...they were definitely cheekier than 2 months ago!

Family + Food = ❤

Friends + Food = ❤

Unfortunately, the haze was pretty bad when we were there (thanks Indonesia) so minimized our time outdoor.

Fixed my cravings and went to town for some famous street food.

Glad to catch up with paternal side of the family...

...and maternal side of the family. =)

Attended cousin's wedding at E&O hotel

Congratulations to the lovely couple...Fu Aun and Lisha!! 

Everyone looking all handsome, pretty and cute...gotta take more photos!

We're all officially old enough to be served tea. =P

Love this photo!!

Can't get enough photos with my loved ones. =D

Time to eat...

Nom, nom, nom!!

Poor little boy was admitted to the hospital for a few days (which explains his not-so-happy face during the wedding). Glad to see happy boy back in action!

Stopped by grandma's and grandaunt's before heading to the airport.

Thanks to big bro and SIL for fixing another of my craving before we left!

Mom and dad sent us off at the airport. Had a quick catch up with cousin and her bf in KL airport before they head back to Perth and we continue our journey to Tokyo!

That's a wrap for our week in Penang! Home trip always fly by so quickly but I'm glad we got to spend a good bit of quality time with family this time around. Take care y'all...till we meet again next year!

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