Sunday, December 26, 2021

Fall 2021 - From Delta to Omicron

It's hard to believe that 2021 is almost over already, the year seemed to have flown by. Just as we thought things were getting better with countries starting to loosen travel restrictions, this new variant, Omicron, is now all over the news. I feel like most people don't care anymore at this point, especially here in the south. We're certainly the outliers who are still wearing masks. We've also gotten our booster shots so we're just doing all we can to stay safe and healthy. Fortunately, we managed to squeeze in another trip to Canada in September, and came back safe and healthy. 

Family Time

Oct 16 (Sat): Visited Tate Farms pumpkin patch with the family. The DINK couple (with matching!) was photographer for the day.

Nov 27 (Sat): Thanksgiving lunch at MIL's. 

Nov 14 (Sun): Virtual celebration for Mom's birthday

Dec 25 (Sat): Christmas with the family...1st Christmas for lil' Cooper!

Work Time

Sept 30 (Thurs): Wine and Charcuterie Board tasting for work connectivity event. It was fun and I much prefer this type of virtual 'socializing' and getting all these goodies shipped to the house. =)

Nov 3 (Wed): Another virtual connectivity event with the team...canvas painting. Auditors being artsy at! I know I've said this multiple times, but I LOVE WFH, and this anti-social way of socializing is perfect for me. =D

More goodies from work! Thank you boss!

To be honest, I much rather work with the offshore staffs than the angmohs here. Their level of dedication and work ethics are so much better. Now you know why so many companies are moving work offshore...cheaper and better. =P

I was eligible for phone upgrade at work so got myself a new iPhone Mini 13 for $50. My iPhone collections over the past 7 years...iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7plus, iPhone 11, iPhone 13 mini.

Leisure Projects

Spent a few weeks working on Shutterfly for these gifts for the family. 

MIL gave us her extra sofa bed so we moved the futon downstairs. 

Meal Preps

I know I'm years behind the hype but we finally bought an Instant Pot when it was on sale at Target for $60. I've been using it to cook almost everything since getting it. While it didn't really save much time (I was already too efficient with my stove cooking) but it does help avoid making the kitchen oily and greasy and hubby only has one pot to clean so he's happy. :P

MIL has been giving us lots of fresh eggs (from her chickens) so I tried out some egg-y recipes.

Lots of peppers from MIL's small garden too!

Sept 19 & 26 (Sun): Meatball pasta, chow mien with mussels, egg sandwich, chicken herbal soup, baked bbq chicken, broccoli and carrot salad.

Oct 3 & 10 (Sun): Pasta with pork fillet, stir-fry veggies, chow mien with mussels, egg sandwich, baked bbq chicken, broccoli and carrot salad.

Oct 17 & 24 (Sun): Noodles with veggies and mussels, pasta with pork fillet, korean egg roll, stir-fry veggies, egg sandwich, baked bbq chicken, broccoli and carrot salad.

Oct 31 & Nov 7 (Sun): Tomyum noodles with veggies and mussels, potato omelet, pan-fried pork fillet, chicken chili, chicken quesadilla, broccoli and carrot salad.

Nov 14 & 21 (Sun): Chicken herbal soup, steamed veggies, korean egg roll, meatball pasta, baked potato casserole, lu rou fan (braised pork rice), broccoli and carrot salad.

Nov 28 & Dec 5 (Sun): Bakuteh, meatball pasta, steamed veggies, chow mien with veggies, bbq chicken with seasoned rice, broccoli and carrot salad.

Dec 12 & 19 (Sun): Bbq pork and ribs with potatoes and carrots, potato omelet, chicken herbal soup, meatball pasta, steamed veggies, broccoli and carrot salad.


Twincredibles at 32 - 35 months...getting more mischievous and cheeky.

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