Sunday, October 2, 2022

Gulf Shores Family Vacation

MIL had planned for a family trip to Colorado back in 2020, but obviously that trip was cancelled. Then in 2021, SIL and BIL had a baby so we didn't go on any trips together. To make up for the family trip we missed in 2020, and considering the toddler in tow, MIL booked a week-long vacation for us to travel to Gulf Shores together this year. 

P.S. Jumping the queue to blog about this trip first before Bora Bora as there are too many photos and videos from Bora Bora and it's gonna take longer to sort through those.


Sept 9 - 17 (Fri - Sat): Family Vacation at the Beach Club, Gulf Shores Alabama
This trip was right after our Bora Bora trip. We returned from Bora Bora on Wednesday night, I worked on Thursday, then drove 6-hours to Gulf Shores with MIL on Friday. Amazing race!!

Hubby had to go to work on Friday so MIL and I started our drive earlier at 8am, and hubby joined us later that evening. I had a few packages to pick up from my office so we took a detour to Birmingham along the way. It has been almost 3 years since I last went to the office but everything remained almost the same, just much emptier. After picking up my packages (thanks MIL for helping to carry the boxes), and a quick toilet break, we continue our drive down south. We made a stop at the Publix at Gulf Shores around 3.30pm to shop for some a lot of groceries and finally arrived the condo at 4.20pm. We had so much stuffs it took us 2 trip with the trolley to move all our things!

    Our 3 bed 2 bath beachfront condo for the week at the Beach Club. The place was pretty nice and well-equipped. There was also a balcony overlooking the pool and beach. 

Surrounding of the Beach Club after sunset.

Hubby arrived about 2 hours after us, and SIL's family arrived the next afternoon. Even though hubby stayed only for the weekend (as he had to return to work), we managed to meet up with 2 relatives who lived close by over the weekend. It was great to catch-up with Aunt Cathy and Luke, as it's been awhile since we last met them. 

I don't really need more tan as I'm already 'Khai the Thai' after Bora Bora, as you can see from my tan line, but I could use some sun to even out my tan!

This was Cooper's first time at the beach, first time stepping on sand, and first time dipping his toe in the sea. He did great and really enjoyed himself. =)

4 of us 'big kids' went to The Track and had fun playing go-kart, mini golf, and arcade games.

As mentioned earlier, hubby had to return to work so he left on Monday. I'm able to work remotely so I stayed on for the week, and enjoyed working with a view. 

This was a chillaxing vacation so we didn't have much planned for the week, just a lot of family time, especially for Nonna and Cooper. =)

MIL also prepared yummy dinners for us in the condo. Thanks mom!!

We went to Lulu's for seafood dinner the day before SIL's family went home.

One last outing at the beach before the crew went home. 

Sunset was stunning that evening so I turned our beach outing into a photoshoot session.


Family & couple shots

MIL + Me + Sunset <3

Nonna + Cooper

Time to head home after a chillaxing vacation with the family. Big thank you to MIL for organizing this family trip! <3 

Even though this wasn't an 'action-packed' vacation (MIL has had plenty of those every time she traveled with us), it was a well-paced vacation which allowed us to spend quality time with the family, hangout with the nephew, make memories, and capture precious moments with our loved ones. <3

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