Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Photos and Updates from Alabama!!!!

1st & 2nd Week in University of Alabama in Huntsville...

Finally...I've managed to sort out all the photos that I've taken for the past 2 weeks...phew!!! Well as I mentioned in the previous post, there have been a lot of activities going on in the are the photos!! Enjoy!! :)

UAH campus surroundings...huge campus with lotsa buildings...but I hadn't had time to take more nice photos yet.

10 Aug 2008: The international office gave all international students a free trip to Nasa Space & Rocket Center!!

It was my first time seeing rockets!! Had lotsa fun trying wall climbing, Space Shot and G-Force!

This Space Center is the main attraction in Huntsville...that's why it is called 'Rocket City'!

A great place to learn more about the journey to the space!!

11 Aug 2008: International Orientation

All 2008-2009 sponsored international students in UAH!!

International Students with Ms Anita at University Center

12 Aug 2008: 1st trip to Wal Mart!!!

Madison Square...the only mall that I've been to so far!

Went for bowling with other international students, Sergey, Mark & Steve.

13 Aug 2008: All Global UGRAD scholars during the phone orientation to Washington DC

Sports car!!!! The owner offered to help us take photo and allowed us to sit in her car!! That's my bike that I got for free...what a contrast to the 2 cars...haha!!

Enjoying our meals in the cafeteria

The game room...equipped with karaoke, video games, fussball and table tennis! Cool!

15 Aug 2008: Casino Night. I didn't play coz I don't really know much about gaming...hehe!!

Won a coffee machine from the lucky draw!!!! We were taking photos with the campus police instead of gambling...haha!!

16 Aug 2008: Chargerstock. Water games, free food and lotsa fun!! I was playing the Twister...interesting!! :)

Picnic style dinner and live music before the Foam Party

Foam Party!!! That was really fun!!!! Love it!!!

Yeeha!!! Nice shot!!


My 21st birthday presents from Sabina, Cristinna & Uyanga!! Thank you so much!! Appreciate it!

17 Aug 2008: Convocation. Everyone was wearing blue T-shirts...nice!! It was my first time attending this kind of was a good experience!

They even had a drum ceremony where everyone was given a drum and played together with the group from Drum Cafe!!

Convocation Video

President's Picnic. Food, live music, dance and fireworks!!! It was definitely a memorable experience to spend my 21st birthday here with a bunch of new friends...and also a great party!!

Cheerleading Video

Fireworks on my 21st Birthday!!! the one in Genting...but this is open air....COOL!!

Went for the free Latin Fushion and Yoga class last week at the University Fitness Center. Basketball court, swimming pool & gym...very nice!!!

We've started class this week...I'm having 2 classes here. I'm taking Advance Financial Accounting, Investments, Business Writing & Japanese Language this semester!! It's time to get serious with studies!!


Anonymous said...

funs pal... u took the japanese...
u will have lots of fun...
communicate with u in japneses when u come back... haha...

~Live Life~ said...

The pictures are So NICE!!

Post more...waiting for your update...

Blek =P!!

Ivy Le said...

What a great time Shing~