Sunday, September 19, 2010

Revisiting London

Sept 18 (Sat): I'm back in London, one of my pit-stop before going home. Thanks to Audrey for hosting us again. =) I've covered most of the attractions during the last trip so not planning to do much this time. Still trying to get more rest and recover from my back and arm pain before going on our 'adventurous' backpacking trip to Scotland & Barcelona. Spent some time walking around the city revisiting several places with WS y'day to help her take photos and also visited Tower Bridge (missed this last trip). Was really exhausted yday so just gonna stay in and chill today.

Embankment Bridge

View of London Eye & Big Ben from the bridge...captured that sweet couple there. :p Love it! =)

London Eye was filled with people as usual. Not as many as the last time though probably coz summer is over.

Big Ben & House of Parliament from a better view this time.

Saw these people shooting something so went nearer to 'kaypo'. I didn't know that it was London Fashion Week until I heard the lady reporting "Welcome is the 2nd day of London Fashion Week...the sky is bright...." bla bla!!

London Eye...WS practicing her photography skills for more of these in the next 4 weeks.

Passed by Tower of London on the way to Tower Bridge. Saw 2 guys in tux when we were waiting to cross the street...kahwin ka??

Tower Bridge!!! =) Beautiful yea! 

We saw this couple taking wedding photos there...sweet! =) Obviously the bridegroom is Scottish...this was my first time seeing ppl wearing kilt for wedding...pretty cool huh! I was the 'stalker-photographer'! At least I just took their picture...another tourist was brave enough to ask the bridegroom to take pic with her...and his expression was like 'huh?? Okkayy'...and his bride was laughing at the!! 

Went to Chinatown for some 'angmohtized' chinese food.

Traveled around the city with tube...very convenient but quite pricey.

That's all for now. I'm trying to update as frequently as I can so that I don't need to pile up everything and do it all at once. So stay tuned for more updates!! =)

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