Friday, March 11, 2011

Touring Kuala Lumpur

Touring KL?? Doesn't sound very exciting huh...hehe! :p Well...this blog post is not meant for my Malaysian friends to read la coz I'm sure you guys wouldn't be interested anyway. :p 
So after Siem Reap, we continued our SEA tour in KL for a couple of days. Thanks to bro, cousin, and Rachel for hosting both of us while we were in KL. 

December 27 (Mon): KL City Speed Walking Tour

Our KL tour starts immediately after coming back from Siem Reap...had lunch at Secret Recipe in KL Sentral (introducing Daniel to our successful Malaysian franchise).

No car so had to travel by public transport...took the Monorial to the starting point of our free walking tour led by Sheng. 

Petaling Street a.k.a. Chinatown. 

Another Sri Mahariamman Temple in KL.

Walk...walk...walk...just followed our 'tour leader'...gotta walk fast coz it was gonna rain.

Masjid Jamek and ...dunno the names of those buildings. :p

Merdeka (Independence) Square and the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Tallest flagpole in the world? They were setting up the stage for New Year's eve countdown. 

KL looks quite nice from these pics huh?

Took  a break and had rootbeer float at Old Town after all the walking.

Old train station.

Don't remember the name of this temple.

December 28 (Tues): Batu Caves

Rachel generously pinjam-ed me her car for a day coz I had to go for an interview in the morning before continuing our tour in KL. Almost lost my way coz I didn't know how to go to Batu Caves. :p

Ooo-laa-laa...time for some work out. =)

Inside the's been a loooong time since I last came here. I was just a kid when I last came...I didn't climb the stairs at all coz I was too afraid of all the monkeys around so dad was the one carrying me up last time...haha!! :p

Yes...all these naughty monkeys.

Another chinese temple again...Tian Hou Gong. It was my first time coming to this temple as well.

This temple was used as filming site for a lot of CNY albums. But Daniel thought Kek Lok Si was much nicer than this. :) 

December 29 (Wed): KLCC Twin Towers

Woke up early hoping to get the tickets to go to the skybridge but we were too late...all the tickets were gone by the time we arrived. =.= 

'Chiak ba sio eng' posing with the 2 'corns'.

Some interesting graffiti. 

Upon Mr Daniel's request, we finally visited a mosque...the National Mosque =.= Had to wear this 'cool Harry Potter' robe to enter...why izit purple har??? All the tourists dressed like weird la! 

Another request from him...The Islamic Arts Museum. =.= Luckily I had my ISIC student card so paid less for entrance fee. Guess what's my favorite exhibit in the museum??
Answer: The Bench!! =.=

Went to Seoul Garden with Rae & Shal for BBQ+Steamboat buffet dinner.

That's all for now...I'm actually on the bus back from KL to ended today. I'd better stop typing before I puke...bouncy bouncy...this Konsortium bus driver a bit ganas lar. =.=

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