Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Peak Thus Far

I've been working for 4.5 months now...peak period is still not over yet but at least I'm still surviving. I joined at a 'perfect' timing...right at the beginning of peak and when others are quitting. Right or wrong choice...I don't know...but doubt is definitely there. 

I used to say 'dare to dream' and this was the theme for the ACCA conference that I organized 3 years ago...but what am I doing now? "Dream big to achieve a milestone"...but when you start 'dreaming', people around you just think that you're day-dreaming, ignorant and ask you to be more realistic...which is kinda sad. 

Anyway, here are some very limited pics that I've got for beach day and work. 

Volleyball & kayaking. No pics of me kayaking coz I didn't wanna risk soaking and spoiling the camera that 'he' gave me.

Newbies with the Boss, BBQ, karaoke. 

Saw these flowers blossoming on my way to work...looks like sakura. :p I quickly dug my camera out from my bag to snap these while driving...multitasking fail. :p

That's what we do...we mess up meeting rooms with lots of files. ;p

View from client's office. 

Another view...and yes we work day & night.

View of Penang bridge and land reclamation for construction. 

The reclaimed land in the pic above will become this in the future...pretty impressive huh! 

Fellow Penangites...this could be the coastline for Penang in 6 years time...can y'all picture that?

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