Saturday, April 7, 2007

2006 Christmas Holiday at Korea!!

Christmas Holiday at Korea, 20-25 December 2006

The field is filled with snow...but of course..there's something covering on top.
My bro and I at the player's bench...we were both wearing white...looks nice??

21.12.06 9am: Seoul World Cup Stadium
Had a photo with the Korean players during 2002 World Cup

21.12.06-8am: Our 1st destination...Seagull Cruise
We had the chance to feed the seagulls from the ferry....but...
i guess we are not attractive enough for the seagulls to come near us..haha~~!!

21.12.06 6.30am: Arrival at Incheon International Airport...
Since it was still early, we could feel the cool breeze and it was really COOL!!
Haha...can see that from my mum's action! A wonderful start for my Korea trip!!

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