Saturday, April 7, 2007


Didn't have time to update my blog for the past week....
Arghh...things haven't been going smooth this week!! Now that it is just 2 weeks away from the finals and it seems like there's still so many things not done yet!! Why why why??!!
Grandma just came back from Kuantan last weekend and its glad to see her back here....but...that also means that I'm gonna be nagged even more often..and sometimes it really does piss me off!!
Well...that's not really bad yet. The worst thing for this week is to find out that the room that I've decided to rent in KL had to be taken back by the owner....damn it!! That was a really good deal and I even went to KL purposely to have a look the week before!! I just can't believe that I have to find another 1 all over again.....=.= Yw and's ur turn to put some effort to find an ideal room now....I'm worned out...please...gimme a break!!
Right now...I've still gotta prepare all the documents needed for the application of UNSW ridiculous that they still want us to translate all the certificates that we got in secondary into english....that's a lot of job ler!! I am just applying now and i'm still not sure whether I will go or not even if I really manage to get the way, it's just an ordinary degree..without honour and also not a professional degree...but spending 2 years in Australia and spending around RM30k for it....sounds appealing!! But if i go to ktar, I also don't have to pay for my tuition fees...get a professional degree and go to UK....also quite good!! Tough decision!! But it's still to early to say cause i haven't even got the scholarship...haha!!

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