Sunday, June 22, 2008

Satur-Day-Out in Penang

Oh yeah...I'm back in Penang!! Last week was my last week attending more stress on studies and tutorials...phew!!! But for temporary only larr...

Spent my Saturday doing some interesting stuffs (I think so)...haha!! :) 988 is here in Penang and this is the first time they are doing live broadcasting here in Komtar. Saw DJ Jeff & 大宝 on air live for 988精彩声势排行榜!! The 988 cruisers (Don & Jimmy) were here also...bringing lotsa freebies and happiness to the listeners!!

Jeff and 大宝 "On Air" in the cubicle...posing for if we are 'watching goldfishes'...haha!!

988 cruisers....Don and Jimmy仔.

Day till night...I'm still 'supporting' the cruisers...guess I can get an award for being 988's 'best supporter' lol...hahaha!!! :)

Bro & I 无聊-ing...

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Anonymous said...

shinfei was here.
u'r not that manly.
pink background? hot~stuff~