Friday, May 30, 2008

Thing's Gonna Be Different!!!

It was an ordinary working day for me on April 14. All of us had been kinda busy coz grandma had juz gone through a major operation few days ago. As usual, I went to work on that Monday morning. While I was chillin’ doing my own stuff, I received a phone call from Ms Rozana from the US Embassy. And guess what…she told me that my brother and I have got the scholarship to participate in the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program!!!! That means…we’ll be going off to US to study for a year!!! It was a total surprise for me coz I didn’t expect to get it since it has been quite some time since we submitted our application.

I still remember that we submitted our application in such a hurry. I was supposed to depart to Hawaii at night on Jan 7 and mum came down all the way to send me off. I had to prepare all the documents including an essay within 2 days…gosh!! After sitting for the MYOB test on Monday, I rushed over to Sony BMG to collect my Hawaii air ticket first then quickly filled up the application form and attached all the documents before heading to the US Embassy to submit it. We went to KLIA immediately after everything was done and I didn’t really put much hope on getting it back then.

It was after my exam when someone from the US Embassy called for a short telephone interview…I was kinda blur throughout the interview and it lasted only for less than 5 minutes!! There were completely no news after that and 2 months was over already so I thought well…I guess I didn’t get it.

I didn’t tell many people about this earlier on coz I haven’t received any confirmation yet and I don’t even know the details of it. Better not tell everyone coz if anything goes wrong…it will be such a let down!! So far, I’ve sat for my TOEFL test, went for a medical check up and finally received the confirmation letter in mid-May.

I was just informed that I’ll be going to University of Alabama for a non-degree program for one academic year. A total of 7 students from Malaysia were selected. Besides studying, we’ll be participating in community service activity and also internships.

I’m still not sure when I’ll be going off and I’ve still got a couple of things to settle with the college. I’ll probably defer for a year and come back to continue my final year next year. It’s sad that I’ll not be able to graduate together with my fellow course mates coz they’ve been such a great bunch of people!!!

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Anonymous said...

jz as what i've guessed...
congrate pal...
龙头 is going to "pek dai" her coursemate la.... and fly to another higher place.... T_T