Saturday, May 24, 2008

Superb Mayday!!

Itz now the end of May...can't believe that 1st half of 2008 is almost over already!!
Well...this year has been pretty amazing so far and I believe that tomorrow will always be a better day!!
Just finished my 3 months' internship in PWC last week and had a week's break before college commences next week.
Went to Phuket with my family last few days and I'll update about this trip soon...hopefully...haha!!!
I've got lotsa things to do and to settle after college starts next week and I'm sure June's gonna be a very very busy month for me.
I've got a good news comin' up real soon...will post it here when I'm in the mood to do so...muahaha!! :)

To do:
1. Attend AFA1 briefing.
2.Collect money for books, pay to supplier and distribute books.
3.Get name list for those who wants receipt.
4.Arrange combination of groups.
5.Collect car sticker.
6.Meeting with FAS committees for PD trip.
7.Find Ms Geh and prepare letter for (secret).

OMG...don't wanna continue thinkin' anymore...goin crazy if I go on with the list!!!!
Time to get back to study and 'work'...gambatte!!!!

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Anonymous said...

dont tell me is that...
omg... really?? congrat pal...