Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forces Of Nature

Life's So Unpredictable!! May 12...a day to remember...

6 days after Sichuan's devastating earthquake

Death toll escalating day after day

So many people buried alive

Rescuers battling against time

Hoping to save people trapped in rubble

Chances of surviving getting slimmer

Every minute every second counts

Rescue efforts pouring in from everywhere

Standing together to make things better

Injured, homeless, starving, despaired

Counting down 83 days to Olympic

One more obstacle to overcome

Let's pray for them

Help them go through this tough moment

Imagine how lucky we are

Count our blessings in life

Cherish what we have now

Lend our helping hand whenever we can

Make this world a better place!!


Anonymous said...

The most extraordinary thing that we can see in the aftermath of the earthquake is that soldiers whom are conventionally trained for war are tasked to save lives as well. said...

At least they are still there to save lives...imagine what will happen without them!! Better to save lives than goin for war rite??